At Which Stores Should I Shop?

Where Does a Store Stand on Homosexuality and Other Issues? 

AFA does not actively endorse or recommend specific companies.  Doing so opens them up for attacks by homosexual activist groups.  However, we do encourage you to do as much shopping as possible with locally-owned businesses.


The Christian-based mutual fund site, Timothy Plan, offers a "Hall of Shame" review on many major U.S. companies.


Caution: the two following links are homosexual web sites. 

The pro-homosexual group, Human Rights Campaign provides an extensive report on companies that support homosexuality.  The report is in .pdf form and contains no sexual graphics. 

Another pro-homosexual group, DiversityInc, provides a list of companies listed as the top 50 companies for diversity:  The 9th Annual 2009 DiversityInc. Top 50 Companies for Diversity.