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Press Releases for November

Release Date: November 22, 2010
AFA declares another victory in the war on Christmas

The American Family Association has for years been waging a campaign against major retailers who have dropped “Christmas” from their seasonal advertising.

Release Date: November 09, 2010
An independent judiciary: independent of what?

The following commentary is offered as insight into the proper role of the judiciary branch of government in the U.S.

An "independent" judiciary: independent of what?

 By Bryan Fischer

The American Family Association, through its political arm, AFA Action, took the lead in the successful campaign to oust three Iowa state supreme court justices who had joined in a ruling which imposed same-sex marriage on the Hawkeye State by judicial fiat. We were joined in this campaign by our friends at the Family Research Council and the National Organization for Marriage.

Release Date: November 24, 2009
AFA Suspends Gap Boycott Until Friday - Victory in War on Christmas

The American Family Association is suspending its Christmas season-boycott of Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic pending the debut of a new Christmas-themed commercial this Saturday, Nov. 28.

Release Date: November 17, 2009
AFA urges SENATE not to tamper with Stupak-Pitts pro-life amendment

The Senate may vote as early as Thursday to move on its version of the government takeover of health care.

Release Date: November 10, 2009
AFA calls for Christmas boycott of Gap, Old Navy stores

American Family Association (AFA) is calling for a limited two-month boycott of Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic, the three stores owned by San Francisco-based Gap Inc., over the company’s censorship of the word "Christmas."

Release Date: November 09, 2009
AFA urges AARP members to cancel: Selling out seniors for big bucks

The American Family Association (AFA) today renewed its call for members of the AARP to cancel their memberships because of its endorsement of the disastrous PelosiCare bill that passed the House late Saturday night.


Release Date: November 05, 2009
AFA celebrates Kentucky governor's change of heart on Christmas Tree

When Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear released a statement last week referring to the tree on the Capitol's front lawn as a "holiday" tree, the American Family Association (AFA) immediately swung into action. 

Release Date: November 02, 2009
AFA, FRC team up for webcast on government takeover of health care

American Family Association (AFA) today criticized Democrats’ intention to ram through Congress a gargantuan 2,000-page health care bill that AFA said represents nothing less than the government takeover of the entire health care industry.


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