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Contact: Cindy Roberts
November 2, 2009
AFA, FRC team up for webcast on government takeover of health care

American Family Association (AFA) today criticized Democrats’ intention to ram through Congress a gargantuan 2,000-page health care bill that AFA said represents nothing less than the government takeover of the entire health care industry.

AFA President Tim Wildmon said, “It’s hard to overestimate the danger that this bill represents to American families. It’s going to radically increase their cost of health care, reduce choice, and result in rationing of care to aging parents and grandparents.

“Even worse, it will compel citizens to pay for abortions with their taxpayer dollars, which is intolerable in a nation founded on the principle that the right to life is the very first right given to us by our Creator.”

In response to Democrats’ actions AFA will host a free live webcast on American Family Radio on Tuesday evening from 8:30 p.m.-9:30 p.m. (ET) to help the public assess the enormous dangers in the bill.

Wildmon and Bryan Fischer, AFA’s director of issues analysis, will join the panel of analysts for the webcast. The panel includes Congressmen Mike Pence (R-IN.) and Charles Bustany (R-LA), Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, Douglas Johnson of National Right to Life, and other public policy experts.

Fischer said, “The heavy-handed government takeover of health care is completely contrary to the American ideals of liberty, personal freedom and personal responsibility. It resembles fascism more than anything you’d expect from a republican form of government.  We might as well call it MussoliniCare.”

The webcast is free, but registration is required at the following link:

Webcast:Webcast: Government Takeover of Health Care: Counting the Costs


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