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Contact: Cindy Roberts
November 5, 2009
AFA celebrates Kentucky governor's change of heart on Christmas Tree

When Kentucky Gov. Steve Beshear released a statement last week referring to the tree on the Capitol's front lawn as a "holiday" tree, the American Family Association (AFA) immediately swung into action.

Tim Wildmon, AFA president said, "We immediately sent out an action alert to every member of the AFA network who lives in Kentucky, and they flooded the governor's office with emails and telephone calls.

"We reminded the governor that there is no American tradition of a 'Thanksgiving' tree or a 'New Year's Tree,' and we appealed to him to call the tree what it is, a 'Christmas' tree.

"We applaud the citizens of Kentucky for making their voices heard - apparently, it's still 'We the People' in some parts of America - and we commend the governor for deciding to keep 'Christ' in 'Christmas.'"

Randy Sharp, AFA director of special projects, added "I think the folks in Kentucky just decided they'd had enough political correctness when it comes to remembering the birth of Jesus Christ.

"After all, it's a classic American tradition to remember the births of individuals who have made a great contribution to our public life. We celebrate Abraham Lincoln's birthday, George Washington's birthday, and Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday.

"We shouldn't have any hesitation whatsoever about continuing to commemorate the birth of Christ, especially since our founding documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, are dated 'in the year of our Lord.'"


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