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Contact: Cindy Roberts
March 18, 2010
AFA pulls out the stops to defeat ObamaCare

The American Family Association (AFA) this week used its extensive data base to send targeted action alerts into the districts of 46 Democratic congressmen whose position on this weekend's ObamaCare vote is uncertain.

And the pro-family organization sent out an action alert this morning to its entire  2.5 million member network, urging them to contact their representatives and press them to vote "No" on any and all versions of current health care reform proposals.

Buddy Smith, AFA executive vice-president
said, "It's fourth down and goal to go, and Democrats are trying desperately to push government takeover of health care across the goal line. The American people need to stand as one against this radical attempt to remake our country and put government bureaucrats between their families and their health care providers.

"The current version would force taxpayers, for the first time in our history, to subsidize the killing of unborn babies in the womb. There is nothing to like in this bill, and everything to dislike."

Bryan Fischer, the AFA director of issue analysis
added, "When even the Associated Press says that premiums will go up under ObamaCare, and the Washington Post says the Democrats 'reconciliation' strategy is 'dodgy,' you know you're dealing with something that not even honest liberals can support. We need to drive a stake through the heart of this legislation and make sure it never comes to life again."


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