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Contact: Cindy Roberts
March 24, 2010
AFA condemns judge's ruling in senior prom case
AFA condemns judge's ruling in senior prom case

U.S. District Court Judge Glen H. Davidson ruled yesterday that Itawamba County Agricultural High School violated graduating senior Constance McMillen's constitutional right to free speech by refusing her permission to wear a tuxedo and bring a lesbian date to the senior prom.

He did not order the school to reinstate its canceled prom, but only because a privately sponsored affair is in the works.

The judge wrote that bringing a lesbian date to a dance is "the type of speech that falls squarely within the purview of the First Amendment."

But as AFA president Tim Wildmon said, "This is not about speech at all, but about the homosexual agenda. It's about the schoolyard bullies at the ACLU using an activist federal judge to force schools to normalize sexually aberrant behavior."

Further, said Wildmon, the school did not violate Ms. McMillen's freedom of speech in any way. "It's absurd to accuse the school of violating her free speech rights. She's been talking to anybody and everybody who will listen and the school has made no effort to stop her. She's done countless media interviews, been on national TV, and even got a $30,000 scholarship from Ellen DeGeneres. Her speech hasn't just been free, it's been a moneymaker."

Wildmon adds, "The ACLU folks say they're pro-choice, but that only applies if you make choices they like. If you don't, they'll find a federal judge to compel you to make the choice they want you to make."

Bryan Fischer, the AFA's director of issue analysis, said this is not even an equal rights issue. "The school had one policy that applied to every student equally. If Ms. McMillen wanted to bring a date to the prom, she had the same right every other student had, to bring a date of the opposite sex. She already had equal rights, but that wasn't enough for the thugs at the ACLU. They want special rights for homosexuals, not equal rights."

Added Fischer, "For an organization that constantly lectures us about the evils of imposing our values on other people, they certainly have no compunction about forcing their values down the throat of an entire school district."

Wildmon added that he hopes other school districts who face the same type of challenge will fight back rather than capitulate. "The AFA stands ready to help schools stand their ground against the ACLU. The ACLU is out to demolish the Judeo-Christian value system on which this nation was built, and they'll get away with it unless we rise up to stop them."



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