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Contact: Cindy Roberts
June 1, 2010
AFA calls for President Obama to stand squarely with Israel

The American Family Association today issued a clarion call for President Obama to stand squarely with Israel in the controversy over Israel's conflict with a flotilla of "humanitarian" ships from Turkey.

"Israel is clearly in the right in this confrontation,” said AFA president Tim Wildmon. “Israel has every moral right in the world to make sure that humanitarian cargoes aren't used to ship weapons into the Gaza Strip that will almost immediately be used to attack innocent Israeli families.

"These Turkish ships know that the U.N. will deliver every last bit of their humanitarian supplies to Gaza.  They are counting on their compliant lapdogs in the out-of-the-mainstream media to stir up anger against Israel. But it is those who provoked this confrontation who are to blame for the loss of life.

"We admire the restraint of the Israeli commandos, who didn't fire until they were forced to in their own self-defense.

"We call on President Obama to take a firm and unapologetic stand for Israel today. Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East and our only reliable ally in the region. Today is the day for America to stand with our friends and allies in Israel."

The AFA sent out an action alert to its nationwide network today, inviting them to urge President Obama to take a public stand on Israel's behalf.

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