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Contact: Cindy Roberts
June 4, 2010
AFA blasts CBS for show with profanity in the title

Coming this fall, CBS will air a new program, “$#*! My Dad Says,” a new comedy based on the popular Twitter feed “Sh*t My Dad Says.” The show is scheduled to air at 8:30 p.m. on Thursday nights. The program stars William Shatner, who gives politically incorrect advice to his son. CBS’s tagline for the show is “This Fall the Shat hits the fan!” Then they have the audacity to say the show is perfectly suitable for family viewing.

American Family Association president Tim Wildmon says, "The fact that they have to bleep out the first word in the title of this show tells you this is highly unlikely to be family-friendly viewing, no matter what CBS says. It's a big mistake for William Shatner to step off the bridge of the Enterprise and take the helm of this piece of dreck."

Monica Cole is director of, a project of AFA. "CBS is pushing the envelope to the max here, and if the network isn't stopped, it will open doors to profanity on the airwaves that we won't be able to close. We are going to contact all potential advertisers for this program and let them know we are prepared to launch a nationwide boycott of any company that pushes money at CBS to help get this show on the air. This kind of programming is simply unacceptable, and America's moms - and dads - aren't going to stand for it." works to enlist mothers all across the country in the fight to protect our nation's children from vulgarity, immorality and violence in the media. OMM has also launched an online petition to CBS that concerned parents can sign. The group is prepared to file a formal complaint to the FCC should the show air.

"The American people own the airwaves," said Cole, "and they don't want those waves used to subvert the values they're teaching their children. Children and families deserve much better."


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