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Contact: Cindy Roberts
October 22, 2010
AFA: President Obama deliberately stripping America of its Christian heritage
For the third time in just over 30 days, President Obama has omitted any reference to the Creator in his recitation of the Declaration of Independence.

America was founded on a religious concept, that all men have been “endowed by their Creator” with “certain unalienable rights,” including “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

The president, however, deleted references to the Creator in his speech to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute on September 15, and again at a fundraiser in New York on September 23. He did it for yet a third time on Monday night when speaking to Democratic donors in Rockville, Maryland.

Tim Wildmon, president of the American Family Association, said, “There is clearly a pattern here. We are way past the time when we can pass this off as unintentional or accidental. The president is stripping America of its Christian heritage right before our eyes. Our fundamental human and civil rights are given to us by God, and that’s why no man and no government have the right to take them away.

“But apparently our president wants us to think that it is government and not God which is the source of our rights. This is extremely dangerous, for whatever the government gives the government can take away.

“The president’s recent speeches represent a long stride down the path that leads to tyranny and ruin. It’s critical that the American people elect leaders on November 2nd who share with the Founders a deep-seated conviction that God and God alone is the source of our rights.”

Added Bryan Fischer, AFA’s director of issue analysis, “President Obama is driving the car into a secular ditch, and at the bottom of that ditch is an ash heap of all the nations in history who have committed spiritual suicide by ignoring God and turning their backs on Him. The American people need to grab the keys back before this president completely bankrupts this nation spiritually and morally.”


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