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Contact: Cindy Roberts
February 20, 2013
AFA must win lawsuit or become an abortion drug pusher

 Today American Family Association ( ) sued Kathleen Sebelius and other federal government entities for violating its religious liberty.  The rules Sebelius issued to apply ObamaCare mandate that AFA provide abortion-inducing drugs to its employees and their dependents.  AFA cannot comply because it believes that human life begins at conception and that providing drugs to end a human life is murder.  If AFA does not win this lawsuit it must provide RU486, “the morning after pill” and “Ella” (a week after pill) to employees and their dependents through their health insurance.


Sebelius, who was excommunicated by the Roman Catholic Church for obstinately persisting in serious sin, has denied a religious exemption to any organization, like AFA, that serves the entire community, not just members of their own faith.  AFA President Tim Wildmon stated, “The mandate is an amoral affront to the very conscience and biblical principles on which the American Family Association was founded.  We feel betrayed by the abuse of government power that forces us to violate our deeply held religious beliefs and practices by funding the taking of innocent life.”


AFA is represented in the suit by Nate Kellum, Chief Counsel for the Center for Religious Expression (; and Jeff Mateer, General Counsel for Liberty Institute (  Nate Kellum stated, “The White House could have easily provided religious organizations like American Family Association with an exemption, like they do with churches, but decided instead to compel these organizations to facilitate a practice they find repugnant and contrary to their missions.”


The Obama administration’s approach to the abortion drug mandate highlights their secularist ideology that religious liberty protects only what a person does during a worship service, rather than the Biblical view that Christians’ faith rules their entire lives.  “The Obama Administration dwarfs previous administrations in its egregious disrespect for the religious liberty rights of para-church ministries like American Family Association,” stated Liberty Institute’s Jeff Mateer.


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