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August 8, 2013
American Family Association Asks Air Force: Will You Protect Military Religious Liberties?
AFA President Tim Wildmon Asks Hagel and Fanning for Meeting; Air Force and Pentagon Already Met with Atheist Group ‘Military Religious Freedom Foundation’

American Family Association (AFA, has requested a meeting with the U.S. Air Force to discuss recent policies and practices that have stripped military personnel of their religious liberties, and to present a vital perspective on this issue. 

In the letter from AFA President, Tim Wildmon, which was also sent to Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, American Family Association asks Eric Fanning, Secretary of the Air Force, for a meeting to discuss the importance of protecting religious liberty within the military—among the men and women who are risking their lives every day to protect freedoms such as these. 

Wildmon notes in his letter that on April 23, 2013, Air Force and Pentagon representatives met with Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) President Michael Weinstein to discuss religious freedom in the military and Wildmon asks for the same consideration for American Family Association. Weinstein has been extremely vocal and inflammatory toward religious liberty and the concern is that only one side of the issue has been presented by someone who is clearly anti-Christian in his own personal worldview.  Present at this spring’s meeting with Weinstein on the topic of religious freedom were the Judge Advocate General, Deputy Inspector General, Deputy Chief of Chaplains, Director of Air Force Equal Opportunity and other staff members. 

“Because religious freedoms are extremely important to American Family Association and our millions of supporters, to Americans in general, to military service members and to our veterans,” Wildmon wrote, “we request a meeting with the above mentioned military leaders, which will confer the same courtesy extended to Mr. Weinstein and MRFF. We strongly believe the Pentagon should hear from all concerned as the Department of Defense (DoD) revises its policies on religious liberty.”  

The DoD is already revising their instructions, number 1300.17 Accommodations of Religious Practices within the Military Services, and 1304.28, Guidance for the Appointment of Chaplains for the Military Departments, which deal with their policies on religious liberty. 

In addition, military branches have been less than accommodating in protecting the religious liberties of Christian servicemen and women, with examples such as removing crosses and religious symbols from military bases.   

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