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October 3, 2013
American Family Association Outraged That Veterans Were Turned Away From WWII Memorial by Obama Administration

President Obama is making history again:  Never before have memorials and monuments been closed during a government shutdown, yet the president ordered the National Park Service to close the World War II War Memorial on Tuesday. Aside from the fact that the WWII Memorial was paid for entirely with private donations and not federal funds, the Office of Management and Budget with orders from the Obama Administration has erected barricades barring the public from seeing the memorial and has staffed it with armed guards –more taxpayer money is being spent to close the memorial than to keep it open.  Especially in light of the fact that the WWII Memorial is an open air, non-gated memorial that anyone can see any time of the day or night, the turning away of 91 veterans from Mississippi makes yesterday’s actions even more egregious. 

The American Family Association(AFA, states that this is a disgraceful slap in the face to our veterans, and that it is utterly disrespectful to them.  To make matters worse, President Obama remained silent on the issue and would not even give the veterans an answer when he was requested to re-open the memorial so these veterans could visit and lay flowers in honor of their fallen brothers. Congressman Steven Palazzo from Mississippi’s Fourth Congressional District contacted the National Parks Service, the Department of the Interior and President Obama with a plea to let these men who fought for our nation to approach the memorial.  Palazzo was snubbed with silence. 

Tim Wildmon, president of the American Family Association,weighed in on this affront to our veterans by President Obama.  “These men and women, who have served our country bravely and deserve our country’s greatest devotion, also deserve the opportunity to express their sentiments at the WWII War Memorial.  It is absolutely unthinkable that they would be denied this right. Approximately 1,000 more veterans are scheduled to visit the WWII Memorial  next week. If President Obama does not want to appear petty and small by keeping this memorial blockaded unnecessarily, then he needs to remove these rickety barricades for ex-soldiers who wouldn’t let dangerous, armed enemies stop them in wartime.  It’s the least our Commander in Chief can do.  We also expect the President to provide escorts for the next Honor Flight veterans that arrive in Washington to see the memorial that was built in their honor.” 

American Family Association is urging Americans to send a letter to President Obama, asking him to apologize to our veterans and to have friends and family do the same.  Those interested in protecting the dignity of American veterans can visit AFA’s website to send a letter to the president.  For more information about American Family Association, go to


To interview a representative from American Family Association, contact Deborah Hamilton at, 610-584-1096 or 215-815-7716. 

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