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December 16, 2013
AFA Encourages Shoppers to Keep Calling Radio Shack as Christmas Nears
American Family Association Hearing from Radio Shack Store Owners – Angry that Corporate Omits ‘Christmas’

American Family Association is hearing from Radio Shack store owners who are angry about the stubbornness of Radio Shack at the corporate level this Christmas. 

Last month, AFA began a one-month boycott of Radio Shack stores around the country for refusing to include “Christmas” in its store signage, marketing or advertising. 

AFA President Tim Wildmon has reported on that Radio Shack owners and operators are upset that the electronics chain has refused the use of “Christmas” in company advertising directed to Christmas shoppers. The company chooses the politically correct term “holiday” instead. 

“Radio Shack owners have told us that the company’s anti-Christmas attitude is hurting business,” Wildmon said. “We have heard from about a dozen Radio Shack owners who say they have pleaded with the corporate office to recognize Christmas in company advertising. Radio Shack might be concerned with its bottom line, but the real bottom line is that the company is damaging its own brand as well as hurting their franchisees and store owners.” 

“They aren’t listening to customers and they aren’t listening to us,” one store owner told AFA. “How difficult is it to add ‘Christmas’ to a website, for crying out loud?” Another owner reported that a majority of his business depends on Christmas shoppers and the company should at least acknowledge them by making them feel welcome. 

Halfway into the one-month boycott, which began Nov. 25, AFA has gathered nearly 60,000 signatures on the online Boycott Pledge, found on the Action Alert page of 

AFA is also winning the fight to persuade other corporations to be Christmas-friendly: Home Depot, Sears, JCPenney and others have included Christmas verbiage in their advertising because AFA constituents and Americans nationwide have called these corporations. 

“We encourage everyone to do the same and call Radio Shack!” Wildmon said. 

Shoppers can take action to encourage Radio Shack to use “Christmas” in its advertising and signage through several steps: 

  • SIGN:Sign the Boycott Radio Shack PledgeAFA will regularly update Radio Shack on how many people have signed the pledge. 
  • CALL: Follow up your signature with a phone call to the Radio Shack corporate office at (817) 415-3011, option 0. Let them know you are serious about taking your business elsewhere. 
  • POST: On Facebook, leave a comment on Radio Shack’s Facebook page for an immediate impact that will get their attention. 
  • CONTACT: Connect with the local Radio Shack in your area, and politely let the manager know that you won’t be shopping there this Christmas season. Ask the manager to pass your comments along to the corporate office. 

American Family Association recently released its 2013 list of Naughty or Nice retailers, letting shoppers know which are “For Christmas” and which are “Against Christmas.” AFA noted 60 stores who either tell shoppers to have a “Merry Christmas,” use “Christmas” on a regular basis or recognize Christmas in some other way. The list also calls out 11 retailers that may use “Christmas” sparingly, but as a company, does not recognize it.  

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