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ObamaCare: You Will Be Paying For Sex-Change Operations

by Bryan Fischer, AFA Director of Issues Analysis

Bank on this one thing: If ObamaCare passes, you and I will soon be subsidizing sex-change operations with our own tax dollars.

The U.N. just this week declared that everybody in the world has a right to a sex-change operation if that's what they need for their mental health.

And a diversity task force in Forth Worth, Texas, recommended Tuesday that taxpayer-funded public employee health plans there should cover sex-change operations.

According to the Dallas Morning News, "[c]ity officials greeted the task force proposals warmly."

Predictably, homosexual activists declared that opposition to forcing taxpayers to fund expensive surgeries for sexually confused individuals is due only to "hysteria and homophobia."

Sex-change operations will set taxpayers back a cool $20,000 to $50,000 at a time when Forth Worth is already having trouble paying its bills.

One activist declared that gender identity disorders, in which biological males are so confused in their thinking that they believe they are really females trapped in the wrong body, is a "disability," and that forcing taxpayers to fund the surgical mutilation of male and female bodies is absolutely essential if Fort Worth is to be an "inclusive community."

It is no exaggeration to flatly predict that the Obama administration will order such operations to be covered by the government-owned health insurance company (the so-called "public option").

Sen. Barbara Mikulski, in response to a question from Sen. Orrin Hatch, said this summer in a committee hearing that all procedures deemed "medically appropriate or necessary" would be covered under the government takeover of health care.

Well, who gets to decide what procedures are "medically appropriate or necessary?" Under MussoliniCare (as I prefer to call it), that task would fall to the Secretary of Health and Human Services, a post currently occupied by homosexual agenda sympathizer Kathleen Sebelius. Once she declares gender dysphoria a "disability," why, it would be absolutely discriminatory to deny folks whatever treatment they want, no matter how expensive it is and no matter how offensive to conscience-driven Americans.

There is a move afoot to explicitly ban funding for sex-change operations in the government takeover of health care. Don't expect that effort to get anywhere, for the simple reason that Democrats want funding for sex-change operations in there.

And if it's not expressly prohibited, you can count on the fact that it will soon become not just permissible but obligatory. As a senator's aide said yesterday, if it's not specifically forbidden, it will be on the table.

Further - and don't forget, you read it here first - I predict that if the Employment Non-Discrimination Act passes, it will not be long before even private employers will be forced by the heavy hand of federal government to offer sex-change operations as a standard benefit in any employee health care plan. Not to do so will be ruled discriminatory, and put the employer on the wrong side of the fascists in Washington, D.C. who will hold the power of life and death over businesses small and large.

Welcome to the surreal world of the boy president and his allies at all levels of government.