Sears admits they were wrong; finally pulls website materials

AFA told the truth, despite Sears telling customers otherwise

When AFA reported Sears was selling pornographic DVDs on its website, Sears initially told AFA supporters that it was untrue.

Finally, Sears called AFA on May 6 after AFA supporters flooded the company with calls and emails. During the call, Sears again vigorously denied they were selling pornography. However, AFA clearly showed Sears the material on their very own website!

When Sears realized they could no longer deny the fact that they were misleading the public, they issued this statement to AFA:

"We sincerely apologize to any customers who were offended. Our agreements with our vendors prohibit content that is pornographic or sexually explicit in nature. We are removing these items that do not meet our guidelines. We regularly review our processes to ensure compliance by our vendors, and we encourage our customers and community to help us flag any items that they believe might violate our guidelines."

Within the space of a half-hour, Sears removed hundreds of pornographic DVDs from its website. AFA told Sears over a nine month period, that their website was carrying adult DVDs, but they chose to ignore AFA and continued to profit from it. Because you and thousands of others chose to get involved, Sears could no longer defend selling pornography, nor could they continue to deny it! Thank you for taking action and convincing Sears to get out of the pornography business. Together, and with God's help, we are making a difference.

Tim Wildmon, President
American Family Association

Sears Invoice for Porn Purchase

Sears offers on its website, dozens of sexually explicit posters, hard-core pornographic movies and music. The products are shipped from a Sears distribution center with a Sears mailing label attached. (See the label proof here.)(See the EXPLICIT product proof here.)

When asking Sears to stop selling pornographic material, they replied, "We have reviewed the products in question and found that they do not fall outside our marketplace guidelines."

Sears also said, "We also noted that these products are sold on other competing retail websites." Not True!!! AFA has reviewed other national retailer websites and found no other pornographic materials similar to that which Sears sales.

How We Found It?

At www.sears.com:
1. Type the word "mature" in the search box at the top right of the webpage.
2. Select "Movies and TV Shows" from the drop down menu next to the search box.
3. Click "Go"

Direct URLs to some of the products:


AFA ordered one of the DVDs to see if it really came from Sears. It did! And unless the company removes the DVD titles in the meantime, anyone – child or adult – can see the explicit promotional photos and descriptive text that Sears uses to advertise this filth. Not only does Sears' website allow children to view its pornographic offerings online, it will sell them to children. During our online check-out process, we were never asked to verify our age.


AFA is asking Sears to remove ALL pornographic materials from their websites – posters, DVDs, music, etc. by June 30. We need your help:

First, make a personal phone call to Sears at 847-286-2500. Ask to leave a message for Chairman Edward Lampert (please be polite).

Second, send an email to Sears, using their website feedback form. Sears is blocking emails sent via AFA's online system. Please use your own words to let Sears know your are offended by their website offerings.

Third, ask others to join you in taking action. Post this to your Facebook page and help spread the word!