"Living the Gospel During Difficult Times"

Join Rob Chambers, Vice President of AFA Action, for an encouraging event: Living the Gospel During Difficult Times in Fredericksburg, VA. Wesley Wildmon, Vice President of Outreach for American Family Association, will be the MC and will moderate our town hall. Wesley is the grandson of Don Wildmon and son of Tim Wildmon.


Walker Wildmon and Abraham Hamilton III will be our speakers for the evening. We hope to meet you, encourage you and give you the opportunity to ask questions at the end. We are limited to 500 people so please register as soon as possible. We are excited about this event and look forward to seeing you there!

Ed Vitagliano
Walker Wildmon:

VP of Operations

“Three steps to rebuilding America”- Today we are facing various challenges that threaten the very principles that made America. Thriving families, a strong economy, and a powerful military are the three recipes needed in order to rebuild our country. The political Left wants to destroy all three. What must we do to combat this and restore America to her founding ideals?

Abraham Hamilton
Abraham Hamilton:

Legal Counsel, AFA

“The Biblical Case for Cultural Engagement”- Darkness is not an affirmative force. It merely reoccupies the space vacated by the light. The Great Commission provides the blueprint for lighting up the darkness. How can we follow that blueprint in 21st Century America?

Rob Chambers
Rob Chambers:

Vice President AFA Action

King Josiah knew revival was necessary for the restoration and preservation of righteousness in the Kingdom of Judah. He knew his own life and the nation of Judah would be subject to God’s wrath lest he pray and humble himself before God. His act of faith spared a nation from judgement. Be encouraged by the wonderful account of King Josiah's life of repentance, revival, and restoration. Come join us and grow in the desire to seek revival in your own life.

Event Dates and Information
Time and Location
September 19, 2019

Fredericksburg Hospitality
2801 Plank Road
FredricksBurge, VA 22401

Be Aware:

Please make arrangements for dinner before or after the event. We will not serve refreshments, but we will have a water station available for our guests.

Town Hall Registration
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