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A Tool to Help Parents Protect the Innocence of Children

Monday, July 23, 2018 @ 03:44 PM A Tool to Help Parents Protect the Innocence of Children
Now, parents can push back and defend their values proactively.

Liberty Counsel, one of the nation's top law firms fighting for traditional values, notified every public school in Indiana and the Superintendent of Public Instruction of their intent to support and enforce Public Law 154 which goes into effect on July 1.
This is the law, which AFA of Indiana supported, to help parents protect their children from sex education that subverts parental rights and family values. It requires schools to inform parents of when discussions of sexual matters will occur. It also allows parents to review sex education materials.

This addition to Indiana Code reaffirms existing state law allowing parents to opt their child out of such instruction, if they desire.
As you know, particularly since the courts forced a redefinition of marriage upon all 50 states, homosexual and gender confusion activists have been working overtime to get access to schools in order to promote their 'anything goes' ideology to children. 
This Liberty Counsel letter to schools, which can be read here, gives schools notice about the legal rights of Hoosier families to protect their children from exposure to materials and agendas that are inappropriate for minors or contradict the values of parents. 

Now, parents can push back and defend their values proactively with a tool developed by Liberty Counsel (with the help of AFA of Indiana and Advance America). 
We have a universal opt out / non-consent form parents can print, sign and give to their school principal. This form exempts their child from graphic sex education that promotes gender confusion, sexual activity, homosexuality and other risky behaviors or controversial concepts best left to families, counselors, family physicians or ministers to discuss with children in the presence of a parent.     

You can print out this opt out / non-consent form here

You can see a page explaining how this works, along with these self-explanatory PDF documents on our web site at
During testimony over Senate Bill 65 a few months ago, both supporters and opponents of different versions of the bill, agreed that parents have a right to review materials, to be notified of sexual behavior, gender identity or contraceptive discussions, and to remove their child from controversial matters involving sexual issues. Our project simply follows this common ground, gives that ability to parents, and backs it with legal clout if schools do not follow Public Law 154 (2018).
Please use the links in this email, or go to Then click on the box on the right side to protect children.

Also, feel free to join AFA-IN and other pro-family groups in promoting this letter and the important opt-out / non-consent form for Hoosier parents wanting to proactively protect their children.  


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