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AFA will NOT back down. We never have! We never will!

Wednesday, November 6, 2019 @ 10:36 AM AFA will NOT back down. We never have! We never will!
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A group of left-wing lawmakers in Washington has targeted AFA by name. They are calling us a "hate group" and would like to take away our legal tax-exempt status and shut us down.

Why? Because we dare criticize the sacred cow of their social and political agenda, which is the total acceptance of homosexuality as normal and healthy.

Here's what happened.

In September, the Oversight Subcommittee of the Democratic-controlled House Ways and Means Committee called for stripping away the legal tax-exempt status of AFA and some 60 other groups they deemed as "hate groups."

Led by some of the country's most extreme liberal political activists, the Subcommittee members also held a hearing on "How the Tax Code Subsidizes Hate."

These elected "progressives" – who hypocritically claim to be champions of free speech, diversity, and tolerance – self-determined that the only point of view that should be tax-exempt is their anti-God, anti-Christian perspective.

You can see it in their very own words below:

Perhaps the progressives on the Ways and Means Committee should include themselves in their list of hate groups.

Stand with us today with a generous donation to AFA!

America stands on a frightening precipice. We are comfortable, affluent, and entertained into numbness. But below the surface, the weight of regressive, satanic insanity threatens to crack the foundations of freedom and collapse everything that has made America the greatest nation in history.

But let me say unequivocally, AFA will NOT back down. And we will use every resource at our disposal and every ounce of energy that we can muster to proclaim that the goodness of our nation rests on the truth that America is a political and cultural expression of Christian ideas.

My friend and co-worker Ed Vitagliano is one of the very best interpreters of the moral state of our culture. In his 40-page booklet, "The Progressive Threat to the American Republic," Ed reveals the forces that have brought America to the brink of losing our freedoms.    

When you make a generous gift to AFA, I will send you "The Progressive Threat to the American Republic."

I trust that as God blesses you, you will faithfully stand with AFA as you have in the past.


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