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Urgent: Louisiana Senate Putting Projects Ahead of Kids

Wednesday, May 31, 2023 @ 12:24 PM Urgent: Louisiana Senate Putting Projects Ahead of Kids
Ask the Louisiana Senate to prohibit harmful transgender treatments for children

Last Wednesday, the Louisiana Senate Health & Welfare Committee killed HB 648, the Stop Harming Children Act. The bill would have protected children from dangerous, life-altering “gender transition” procedures. Unfortunately, the committee ignored the medical evidence and caved to pressure from aggressive LGBT activists pushing these dangerous drugs and surgeries on Louisiana children.

Lawmakers have a duty to protect children from harm. The committee members who voted against this bill failed in that duty. Committee Chairman Fred Mills, who cast the deciding vote, failed in his duty.

Thankfully, there is still time to pass this legislation. 

But you must call your Louisiana state senator today.

Our sources tell us that Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards does not want to sign this bill. But he is also afraid to veto the bill. He knows transgender transition procedures for minors are grossly unethical. These procedures do not meet medical standards of care. They are literally experimental, and Louisiana children will be the guinea pigs. Solid research also demonstrates that “increasing minors’ access to cross-sex interventions is associated with a significant increase in the adolescent suicide rate.”

But Governor Edwards is term limited. So is Senator Fred Mills. And so is Senate President Page Cortez.

You see, this vote was a set up. It’s our guess Gov. Edwards told Page Cortez that if this bill passes out of committee, a lot of senators would not see their pet projects get funded. Some of these projects are important. Some are not. But politicians like to boast about all the money they are bringing back to their districts, and 2023 is an election year for Louisiana.

While the governor is term limited, there’s a good chance your own Louisiana senator is not. Again, 2023 is an election year for Louisiana lawmakers.

Your Louisiana senator needs to hear from you today.

Please contact the Louisiana Senate at 225-342-2040 – request that you be connected to your Senate member and ask him/her to prohibit harmful transgender treatments for children.

Don’t take No for an answer. You will be told that you’ll have to wait until next year, but that’s not true. There are two ways this bill can still pass in the last few days of session. First, there is the option of a discharge petition that would bypass the committee vote. The second option is simply to stick the language in another bill. It doesn’t matter how they do it, just tell your Louisiana senator to get it done.

The Legislative session ends on June 8, so it is critical that you contact your senator as soon as possible.


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