From AFA President Tim Wildmon

April, 2016

Dear AFA Homefront Partner,

I need your help. Or rather, America needs your help. And so do your family, your church, your community – and most especially – your children and grandchildren.

With the nation so focused on the 2016 election and who will replace the late Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court, there’s a strong temptation for us to lose our focus and begin to think that if only the right people are elected to office or named to the bench, our problems are solved.

That’s not true. And while I deeply desire godly, conservative leaders in office, it’s NOT our mission to work for the election of a particular candidate. Nor is it our job to help one political party or another attain power in Washington.

What God has called us to do – you, me and the entire AFA family – is to impact the culture and to implant godly values in it. Our job is to convince as many Americans as we can that the nation thrives when godly principles are reflected in every area of our public and private lives.

That’s the mission, and that’s the work you signed on to do when you became an AFA ministry partner.

And with all that’s at stake in the country right now – the looming 2016 elections, the escalating persecution of Christian business owners, the silencing of our voices in the market place of ideas, the mounting threat from Islamic terrorists – your continued help is needed more than ever.

That’s because we must do everything we can to remind our friends, family, and communities that it was our nation’s trust in God that made this country great. You see …

Politicians alone won’t bring the kind of deep spiritual revival necessary for American to survive as a “shining city upon a hill,” to borrow a phrase from President Reagan, who borrowed it from the Puritan preacher John Winthrop, who borrowed it from Jesus.

Righteous change will come only when believers pray and live as God’s people in every area of our lives. That certainly includes promoting biblical values in government and politics.

Knowing this, all of us here at AFA exhaust ourselves coming up with new and innovative ways to get people of faith to join us in this great work of persuading the nation to turn back to God.

Today I want to tell you about one of the most important components of AFA’s ministry and ask you to prayerfully consider making another donation so that this particular work can flourish and prosper and help us save our country for our kids. It is this:

AFA’s innovative and effective use of the Internet.

As I’m sure you know, communication in our day largely happens online, especially through social media sites like Facebook and blogs like AFA’s The Stand (

The Internet is where people get their news and information. It’s where ideas are debated and where causes are promoted. In short, the Internet is where democracy thrives in our world.

Which is why AFA has been using the Internet for nearly
two decades promoting biblical values in our culture.

The simple fact is that it would be impossible to impact our nation without taking full advantage of modern information technology. My dad – AFA founder Don Wildmon – recognized that many years ago. He was a pioneer in using the Internet to advance the gospel in our nation.

And today just about everything we do here at AFA eventually winds up on our primary website:  Let me show you how this works in practice.

Imagine a news story about the large percentage of Christians who refused to vote in the 2012 national elections. Reporters at American Family News gather the facts and write the story. The story is then broadcast on American Family Radio and on the Internet at

That same news story is reported on our One News Now online news service ( ONN readers link the story to their social media page where their “friends” can relink it to their “friends.” The circle of informed Christian activists begins to grow exponentially.

      But it doesn’t stop there:

  • Hosts of our AFRTalk radio programs interview experts regarding the story and listeners hear the interview on the Internet at
  • AFA bloggers comment on the story from a Christian perspective and post their thoughts on AFA’s blog, The Stand at
  • Activists who receive the AFA Action Alert via email are informed and called to respond.
  • Writers on our AFA Journal staff expand the story in our monthly magazine. The article also appears at
  • Producers in our American Family Studios make a video that addresses some aspect of the voting story. The video is then distributed on Internet video sites like YouTube and Vimeo and promoted through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and more.

Potentially, the number of people informed through the overlap of our traditional and online media outlets is unlimited. I’m talking about literally MILLIONS of Americans hearing our message … and all made possible because of you and the rest of the AFA family.

Our work happens only as long as you and your fellow AFA ministry partners choose to provide us with the funds needed to carry out our many programs and projects … like our work over the Internet.

But here’s the primary reason I’m asking you to send AFA a financial gift:

Our children and grandchildren!

When all is said and done, they are the reason we’re here. You, me, your fellow AFA ministry partners, the AFA staff … to a person, each one of us cares deeply about the kind of country and culture we’re leaving behind for them. It’s THEIR future we’re fighting for.

That’s why you stay involved in our many programs and projects. It’s why you support us so faithfully and so generously with both your prayers and your financial gifts.

 And today I’m urging you to maintain your partnership with AFA because our nation is at a crossroads, and we must help steer her down the path of biblical righteousness. If we fail in this mission, then America is lost, and we’ve failed our children and grandchildren.

 That’s why AFA has such a huge presence on the Internet.

Because unless and until we change the culture, who we put in the White House or Congress isn’t going to amount to a hill of beans.

And that’s my message to you today. Continue to work with AFA to change the culture!

I’m asking you to do this because on the human level, each and every AFA project begins and ends with YOU … you and your fellow AFA homefront partners. Although we pray that God oversees all that we do for His glory, He has chosen us, sinful but redeemed humans, to be His ambassadors – His hands and feet here on earth.

So, we depend on your financial support. Without it our work through the Internet comes to a grinding halt. Not one radio program is broadcast. Not one article is published in our AFA Journal magazine. Not one Action Alert email is sent our. Not one video is filmed. Nothing.

YOU are the only reason we’re able to fight for our nation and our children.

As I’ve stressed in recent mailings, you’re active partnership on the Homefront, as it was know during wartime, is as vital and as important as our work here on the Battlefront – it’s all one and the same. We’re all working together to fulfill the particular mission God assigns to us.

So please continue to do as you’ve been doing ever since you joined the AFA family – namely, lifting this ministry up in prayer and supporting us with both your personal involvement in our projects and your financial gifts that fund our work.

In closing let me assure you that as you faithfully carry out your role in this fight to save our nation for our children and grandchildren, so too will everyone here at AFA. You have my word on that.

Thank you for your partnership and your commitment. May God bless you. And may God bless America.





P.S. When you have time, please visit and watch the video titled “Exercise Your Right to Vote.” It’s an example of the kind of short video our American Family Studios is producing that connects with stories and messages from all our other AFA media outlets.