Prodigal Prayer Week

God specializes in impossible situations, and He loves to prove that hopeless cases aren’t hopeless after all. Never give up. Pray, pray, and keep on praying. Your prayers accomplish more than you have ever dreamed.” — Francine Perry (mother of former prodigal

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Nothing is more devastating than watching a loved one walk away from the Lord. Yet in the midst of this grief, God offers a beautiful invitation to trust Him and to draw nearer to Him than ever before.

In 2020, AFA released a powerful documentary called In His Image: Delighting in God’s Plan for Gender and Sexuality. In the film, Francine Perry shares her story of watching a dearly loved daughter, Laura, walk away from the faith and transition to living as a man. But by God’s grace and through Francine’s prayers, Laura eventually returned to faith in Jesus and life in a woman’s body. Their story inspired thousands and AFA received an onslaught of emails from people with prodigal loved ones. The common question was, “What can I do?” The answer—prayer!

Laura Perry lived over eight years as a man named “Jake” before God radically transformed her life and she returned to living as a woman. If you’ve seen AFA’s documentary In His Image, you might be familiar with Laura’s testimony; but that is just the beginning of her story. Now, Laura is serving in full time ministry at First Stone Ministries and counseling others dealing with sexual brokenness. God continues to restore her femininity every day and Laura has been falling more and more in love with Jesus—her first love.

But someone else has also captured Laura’s heart and added an unexpected twist to her story. On May 14th, 2022, Laura married a godly man name Perry Smalts and the two are now happily living as man and wife and serving in ministry together. Though culture may say that change is not possible for those in the LGBTQ lifestyle, Laura’s story is a shining example of the true healing that is possible through Jesus Christ.

The American Family Studio’s team caught up with Laura and Perry and got to witness their truly incredible day. The Spirit of God was so present at their wedding celebration and both Laura and Perry constantly gave the glory to God. Many parents with prodigal children attended the event and were greatly encouraged. Some literally drove across the country to attend because they needed to be reminded that nothing is impossible with God.

AFA has just released the Prodigal Prayer Guide. It’s filled with powerful Scripture-based prayers to pray over your loved ones as you intercede for them by name before the throne of God. These prayers were written by Laura, her mom and another mother of a prodigal.

If you or someone you know have loved ones or friends who have wandered from the Christian faith, I hope you will download the PDF or for a donation to the mission of AFA (see below), request your hardcopy of the Prodigal Prayer Guide to help you pray for them. But be warned: as you trust the Lord to change the heart of your prodigal, you may find that He changes your own heart as well.

REQUEST PRAYER If you or someone you know is wrestling with same-sex attraction, transgenderism or other issues of sexual brokenness, prayer is the first step. Our prayer team would be honored to pray over your request. COMMIT TO PRAY. Over the past, AFA has received thousands of prayer requests from heartbroken individuals who have a prodigal in their life. A prodigal is a loved one who has heard the truth but walked away from the Lord. Most of these requests are sent in by parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles with LGBTQ children who are struggling in very painful and personal ways. The prayer requests keep flooding in and our intercessors are having trouble keeping up! Please join with us in praying for these individuals. Let’s storm heaven and pray for radical revival! Lord, may the prodigals return to you and to their families!