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Sign the Boycott Target Pledge!

The Boycott Target Pledge is simple:
"Until Target makes the safety of women and children a priority, I will shop elsewhere."

An update from AFA President, Tim Wildmon

AFA Target boycott crashes corporate earnings

AFA’s 1.5 million supporters are dealing a crippling blow to Target because of their dangerous bathroom policy. Please help us reach 1.6 million supporters!

The Target boycott, launched in April 2016, is causing a significant drop in foot traffic to the store. Effects of the boycott are clear in Target’s financial report released February 28. The report indicated a dramatic drop in Target’s sales and earningsduring October, November, and December. This bad news for Target resulted in the company’s stock value dropping 13 percenton the day of the report.

Target, however, remains willfully blind to the link between the boycott and financial loss, but this blindness should not persist. Investors will hardly allow a politically correct bathroom policy based on a minority opinion to sink Target’s profits further. Target investors must be aware that a strong majority of Americans believe the use of restrooms and dressing rooms should be linked to a person's biological sex We must keep the pressure on Target.

Somebody needs to tell this to, the fact-checking site so many people depend on for honesty. The site's appraisal of the Target boycott is well off the mark. is simply repeating Target's false claims that the boycott is having no effect on the company.

The story includes a quote from Target's public relations manager Erika Winkels saying the boycott has had no effect on them: "We have made it clear over time that we've seen no material impact to the business based on the bathroom policy. We don't have anything new or different to share."

FACT: Despite Target's denial, the boycott is dealing a crippling financial blow to the company. Since it was launched in April 2016, Target has seen a significant drop in foot traffic to their stores. Effects of the boycott are also clear in Target's financial report released February 28. The report reflected a dramatic drop in Target's sales and earnings during October, November, and December.

FACT: ignores the assessment of others outside the corporation. Here are some recent news headlines…

  • Transgender Backlash? Target Stock Takes Biggest Plunge EVER
  • Poll: Vast Majority Of Americans Believe Bathrooms Should Be Linked To Biological Sex
  • Target Retailer Hits $15 Billion Loss Since Pro-Transgender Announcement
  • Target Stock Is Even Worse Than Q4 Earnings Suggest
  • Target Abruptly Shuts Expansion Projects amid Boycott

    Here’s what AFA is asking you to do:

    • SIGN – If you haven’t already, sign the boycott pledge today.
    • SHARE – Ask family, friends, and church members to sign the pledge. One effective strategy is to voice your concerns politely, but firmly on Target’s Facebook page and other social media sites. Please use #BoycottTarget.

    Your action is critical because we’ve heard from insiders that other companies have hesitated to change their bathroom and changing room policies because of the success of the AFA Target boycott.

    AFA believes that, with enough pressure, pro-family advocates can stop this insanity before more women and children become victims. Remember, too, your prayers and gifts are the lifeblood of this organization.

    What Target's policy could lead to:


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