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It's a Gay Disease

Wednesday, August 06, 2014 @ 03:38 PM It's a Gay Disease ATTENTION: Major social media outlets are finding ways to block the conservative/evangelical viewpoint. Click here for daily electronic delivery of The Stand's Daily Digest - the day's top blogs from AFA.

Bryan Fischer Former Staff MORE

In a feature story on the Washington Post, the paper admits that HIV/AIDS is essentially a gay disease, especially among black males.

"Black Americans make up a bigger share of people living with HIV than any other ethnic group. That gap will only continue to widen because black Americans also have the highest rates of new HIV diagnoses. Nearly half of all new cases of HIV are among black Americans.”

While just 12 percent of the American population is black, blacks account for 44 percent of all those living with HIV and 49 percent of all HIV-related deaths.

According to the Post, black males are an astonishing “8.6 times more likely to be diagnosed with HIV than white Americans.” The Post correctly calls this a “black HIV epidemic.” A watershed CDC study published in 2001 found that, alarmingly, “nearly one third of black gay men between 23-29 were found to be HIV-positive.”

The Post draws heavily on the work of a researcher at the Centers for Disease Control, Greg Millett. Says the Post:

Millett, who is himself black and gay, was well aware that black men tend to have sex with other black men, almost exclusively. What if that behavior was putting them in danger?

Millett claims that the “safe sex” message, which is supposed to be the solution, had in fact permeated the black community. They were using condoms and were reducing the number of sexual partners.

Ah, but not so fast. The Post also shows a graph which reveals that 56% of black homosexuals had unprotected sex in the previous year, and 43% of them had unprotected sex with a “casual partner” (read: “total stranger”). So obviously black homosexuals are not using condoms as often as the Post wants you to believe.

The primary mode of HIV transmission is still male to male sexual activity, three to four times higher than male to female. And even then many male to female transmissions come from bisexual males who contract HIV from a male partner then infect subsequent female partners.

Now 80% of black homosexual males have sex with other black males. To anyone thinking logically and objectively, the compassionate, loving solution to reducing the black AIDS epidemic is simple, obvious and straightforward: convince young black men not to have sex with other black men. Or any other males, for that matter.

But that solution, as much sense as it makes, would be politically incorrect in a society which would rather let black men die than affront their moral sensibilities with the truth about unhealthy and unnatural sexual behavior.

Eric Holder, who is all about “disparate impact” when it comes to hiring, school discipline, arrests and incarceration rates, is shamefully silent about the disproportionate destruction HIV is wreaking among young black men.

The Post’s lame solution is diagnosis and medication, while it tiptoes around the obvious solution:

“It’s a touchy subject. If scientists showed with experimental clarity that black men were putting themselves at risk by dating each other, what advice could they give? That black men should avoid each other?”

Well, actually, when it comes to sex, the answer is “Yes.” But abstinence as a possible course of action is laughed to scorn. As logical as it may seem, that’s the one course of action liberals will not countenance.

Bottom line: the AIDS epidemic has one primary cause in the black community: homosexual sex. And it has one primary solution: refraining from homosexual sex. That’s the one message young black males will never hear from the Washington Post.


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