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Ineptitude in Washington

Friday, September 05, 2014 @ 09:15 AM Ineptitude in Washington ATTENTION: Major social media outlets are finding ways to block the conservative/evangelical viewpoint. Click here for daily electronic delivery of The Stand's Daily Digest - the day's top blogs from AFA.

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Ineptitude in Washington Has a Domino Effect 

 . . . Americans are lulled into complacency. 

Think about it. Our absentee President removes himself from all the chaos and events around the world. He doesn’t demonstrate any passion unless he is talking about global warming or increasing minimum wage. And we now recognize that President Barrack Obama personifies weak leadership. But . . . most of the American people still look at the President of the United States (bad or good) as the leader of our armed forces and leader of the free world. 

When our President—and mainstream media—project no sense of urgency or concern about the state of our national defense or alertness, Americans are lulled into complacency. No wonder pollsters continue their reports that most Americans don’t want to go into war. Since the sense of urgency by anyone in Washington seems so miniscule, why would we want to go to war with a “JV team” or something insignificant that does not pertain to Americans whatsoever? 

Washington’s ineptitude and lack of strength and conviction have a domino effect because they misguide so many American people. We aren’t hearing the truth. We aren’t hearing all the facts. We think ISIS is some sort of radical organization that has little to do with Americans. It is easy to look at a poll and see that Americans don’t want to go to war because most have no clue about what the real threat is. They do not understand it could easily (perhaps even likely) become a threat that will undermine and threaten the way of life as we know it. Wait until the attacks are on our soil. Wait until our shores are threatened. Wait until we see our freedoms and liberties and our families in jeopardy. Then what will the polls show? 

I have never been so sick and tired of the news media and their lack of reporting the truth. I cannot believe there is a still a group of media (although it is waning) that protects this president and sees eye-to-eye with his radical ideology. Ideology that flies in the face of not only our Constitution but of the American way of life. Ideology that is decimating America’s strength and power that we have exhibited through the many generations since this nation began. Let’s not forget that we have a mainstream media and a people who don’t care about what is happening in Jordan or Egypt or Iraq or Iran or Syria or Afghanistan. And then there is Israel. It seems we would rather take sides with the Palestinians than to fight, protect, and stand firm for the freedom of the Israeli citizens. 

In the history of this nation, we have never seen chaos around the world and in some cities here in America to the extent we are seeing it today. Every day the threats to America—coming not only from within but also from external forces—have risen to a pace we have never before seen. Of course, I am not even discussing the potential economic catastrophes around the world within developed nations. But we seem to be ignoring and shrugging that off too. We jaunt along as if things are as good as they were in 2006 and 2007. 

We not only lack conviction and respect for the freedoms endowed to us by our Creator, but it seems we cannot even remember exactly what they are or why we should be concerned. We have fallen into the notion that we are doing a splendid job in recovering our economy because we forget what real fundamentals of an economy look like . . . and we are also forgetting what real national defense and pride for our land and country look like. We are losing the ability we once had to fend off all attempts to bring the greatest country in the world down. 

Our memories are short. Our history has been diluted. Our Constitution has been trampled on. And our God has been trivialized to a political incorrectness. We are in trouble . . . but we are also America— “One Nation under God.” I pray that we can remain indivisible.


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