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Political Correctness: Dangerous Abandonment of Common Sense

Friday, August 21, 2015 @ 02:13 PM Political Correctness: Dangerous Abandonment of Common Sense ATTENTION: Major social media outlets are finding ways to block the conservative/evangelical viewpoint. Click here for daily electronic delivery of The Stand's Daily Digest - the day's top blogs from AFA.

Tim Wildmon President MORE

Donald Trump says: “I think the big problem this country has is being politically correct.”

I agree with him.

Political correctness is the practice of refusing to acknowledge the truth or the facts of a situation because your words may be considered offensive to some people. This is not the same as being purposefully rude or hurtful although some may interpret it that way.

For example, I was reading an interview with John Langley, the producer of the show COPS, where he said this:

"I show more white people than statistically what the truth is in terms of street crime. If you look at the prisons it is 60-something percent people of color and 30 something percent white people. If you look at COPS is it 60 percent white and 40 percent other. It's just the reverse. And I do that intentionally because I do not want to contribute to negative stereotypes."

This is a classic example of political correctness. It’s a concerted effort to deny reality in the name of a greater good. But in most cases the proponents of political correctness are not so up front about their motives. I would ask Mr. Langley: “So why don’t you care that you are disproportionally portraying white people in a negative light?”

Besides, statistics are the just cold hard facts. Facts and statistics don’t create a false “stereotype.”

Political correctness also silences public discourse on some very important issues and certainly thwarts public policy discussions in that no public official wants to become embroiled in a controversy that results in being labeled a bigot, racist, xenophobe, etc. There are a few groups, however, that a public person can offend without getting into trouble with the politically correct police. You are safe if you stick to maligning whites, Christians and/or males. Southerners in general are also fair game but we don’t seem to care because it’s been that way forever. And if you happen to be a southern, white, Christian, male, well then -- you are the scum of the earth and need to apologize for even being born.   

Another glaring example of political correctness is the way President Obama and the liberal media elite absolutely refuse to acknowledge the problem within the Islamic faith - that is the doctrine of jihad – that has led to chaos and murderous, violent attacks against innocent people here and around the world. What these Muslims do is take Koranic verses and historic Islamic teaching and live them out with the belief that they are pleasing Allah. These people even tell the world openly and clearly that they are intentionally committing these atrocities for the cause of advancing Islam. These folks are not mentally ill. They are evil. Yet, the politically correct crowd continues to pretend they have no idea why these people do what they do. It would be like the KKK conducting a cross burning in the front yard of a black family back in the 1920s and then the media reporting it like this: “We have no idea what motivates these people. Could be a lack of good jobs. Could be a fascination with white sheets. It’s a mystery.”

We have a serious situation with millions of people invading our country from Mexico with absolutely no respect for our laws. Yet we are paralyzed as a country from dealing with the issue of how to stop this from happening (such as building a fence) because we are afraid of being called anti-Hispanic. This is nuts. When ISIS, or a group like that, crosses our porous border and sets off a bomb in downtown Dallas or Houston that kills thousands of people, watch how fast our government can build a wall.

We have to be honest about the world as it is instead of the world as we would like it to be. Donald Trump may be abrasive with the way he says things sometimes (he would not be the first New Yorker to do this), but his candor, bluntness and disdain for political correctness is attracting a lot of supporters right now. 

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