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Proof: People Aren't "Born that Way"

Wednesday, August 26, 2015 @ 01:09 PM Proof: People Aren't "Born that Way" ATTENTION: Major social media outlets are finding ways to block the conservative/evangelical viewpoint. Click here for daily electronic delivery of The Stand's Daily Digest - the day's top blogs from AFA.

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An article by the Daily Mail’s “science editor,” Fiona Macrae, proves that people choose their sexual orientation and can change it if they wish. And she doesn’t even seem to realize how guilty she is of shocking sexual heresy. 

One of the enduring myths about homosexuality is that people are “born that way,” and that it is impossible to change one’s sexual orientation. It’s considered a form of cruelty and self-loathing even to try. 

Therapy to help teenagers redirect the orientation of their sexual energies has been made a professional crime in any number of states now. If a counselor in one of those states tries to help a young man or woman tormented with unwanted same-sex attraction, his career will be over. 

And then here comes this bombshell, not from the cultural editor of the Daily Mail, but its science editor. Even the headline gives the game away (emphasis mine throughout): “Rise of the flexi-sexual female: Women are 'more likely to be bisexual than men' - and change their minds about their sexuality.” 

Well, if women can “change their minds about their sexuality,” it’s game, set, and match. Sexual orientation is not fixed and immutable after all. 

And the writer makes it inadvertently clear that men can change their orientation as well. The fact that women are “more likely to change their minds about sexuality” than men only means that men can do it too. 

The research was done by Elizabeth McClintock of the University of Notre Dame, so this can’t be passed off as the work of some right wing nut job, which is the knee jerk reaction of most sexual anarchists to assertions like this. 

Says McClintock, “This indicates that women’s sexuality may be more flexible and adaptive than men’s.” It bears repeating: sexual orientation is “flexible and adaptive” for both men and women. It looks like folks aren’t “born that way” after all. 

McClintock analyzed the results of a study conducted in the U.S. in which respondents (5,000 women and 4,000 men) were asked about their sexual proclivities three times, at age 16, 22 and 28. 

McClintock, in a presentation to the American Sociological Association (not a part of the vast right-wing conspiracy), declared that women “were...three times more likely to change their minds about their sexuality in their 20s.” In other words, the younger you are, the easier it is to redirect your sexual orientation. 

This means, for one thing, that efforts to ban reparative therapy are entirely wrongheaded. We’re always being told that such therapy can’t work, since people can’t help how they were born, and is actually harmful to the patient. Well, this research proves that people can change their orientation all on their own. It stands to reason that experienced, professional help can simply get them there quicker. 

Angelina Jolie is Exhibit A in this article. She acknowledges going through a lesbian phase, and admits that she might have married her lesbian lover, Japanese-American model Jenny Shimizu, if circumstances had been different. But then she adjusted her sexual orientation, met and married Brad Pitt, and here they are, heterosexually married with six kids in tow. 

Sexual orientation is not an immutable trait that people can’t do anything about. Somebody needs to alert the Supreme Court, because their decision legalizing sodomy-based marriage was based entirely on this falsehood. 

Do not let them lie to you. Bottom line: sexual orientation is not fixed and immutable. It can be re-directed from homosexuality and lesbiansim to normative heterosexuality. If you doubt me, just ask Angelina Jolie.

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