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If I Were Going to Destroy Black Americans

Wednesday, November 18, 2015 @ 09:01 AM If I Were Going to Destroy Black Americans ATTENTION: Major social media outlets are finding ways to block the conservative/evangelical viewpoint. Click here for daily electronic delivery of The Stand's Daily Digest - the day's top blogs from AFA.

Meeke Addison Asst. Dir. Special Initiatives/Radio Host MORE

America is crumbling. Surely you feel it. It’s happening slowly, but it is happening, and the crumble is possibly most noticeable in the black community. After surviving enslavement, oppression, intimidation, and certain destruction, something is happening in the black community that white supremacists may have prematurely abandoned: the eradication of human weeds in their white nation.

Oh, how many racists would have longed to see a day like today? How many could have only imagined what time and a different strategy would wrought? As I look back at the destruction of the black American and the ease with which it was accomplished, many things just make sense.

If I were going to destroy black Americans, here’s how I would do it:

  1. I would enslave them and dehumanize them. I would remind them daily that they are equal to animals and undeserving of love, monogamy, or common decency. I would work them sunup to sundown and only reward them with sleep.
  2. I would fight tooth and nail to prevent their freedom. And when I felt their freedom was imminent, I would devise ways to mentally enslave them. I would create a dependence that, though it were still slavery, would be appealing, as blacks would be convinced of their inability to survive apart from me.
  3. I would develop a legal system of separation, as this would underscore the reality of my position that blacks are inferior. If that system were challenged, I would terrorize them into submission. For any black American bold enough to stand up for voting rights, land, or access to education, I would beat them. I would murder their loved ones in front of them as a reminder to never think or assert themselves again.
  4. Once my grip of control was completely gone by way of legal process and military force, I would make sure I found new ways to oppress. I would take advantage of the assassination of a black-sympathizing president and the new position of a pro-slavery president. I would work feverishly to undo all the social, economic, and political gains that were made.
  5. I would devise a way to cover my racist aims when I needed the votes of black Americans. I would promise handouts to secure votes. I’d attach to those handouts requirements that broke up the family, the backbone of any strong culture.
  6. I would conceal my history and ensure that blacks never remembered a time in the political process that I hated them. I would enlist other blacks to make certain it never came to light that all of my political aims are rooted in the subjugation and control of other blacks.
  7. I would encourage black people to find strength in their religion while subverting what they believe with a social gospel and new goals and aims of the Church. I would use their religious leaders to control what they care about.
  8. I would expand social programs that killed self-worth and dignity. I would reward lack of commitment from black men. I would create fight clubs dressed up as low-income neighborhoods, and I would make that a measure of success in black culture — the securing of housing projects or Section 8.
  9. If, by chance, black people began to wake up to the horrors of these destructive practices, I would throw out my ace: a black president. I would make sure they never knew he didn’t identify with black culture. I would make sure they had no clue of his radically different convictions from those of the majority of blacks.
  10. I would use this black face to change the perceptions and acceptance of black Americans. I would conceal the fact that he was discipled by a man who dedicated his leadership handbook to Satan. I would conceal that he is in favor of practices blacks believe to be abominable. I would work tirelessly behind the scenes to promote worship of this man as a symbol of freedom and progress.
  11. I would use this black man to encourage hate and unrest among blacks. I would use him to incite blacks to protests with no clear aim except that of protest. I would use this man to advance destructive policies that specifically hurt blacks while supporting and making huge advancements for homosexuals. But every now and again, I’d have him make statements that identify with blacks so as to maintain control.
  12. I would use all the money I could to pump funds into the destruction of blacks in America. I would pay blacks to protest, and I’d leave the work of voting and the political process to those who understand those things. I would encourage self-segregation as a way to pay whites back for the years of forced segregation.
  13. I would encourage the celebration of anarchy and drug consumption. I would encourage the hatred of whites as I directed so that blacks eventually implode and disintegrate with hate.
  14. I would make sure black children didn’t have access to quality education. Once I lost the fight for segregated schools, I’d begin to remove quality education from those schools. I’d form unions that cared more for teaches than kids. I would block any opportunities for black kids to go to private school with my kids, and I would reject new ideas designed to sharpen and equip black kids for real life.
  15. If all of that didn’t speed up my agenda of destruction, I would fall back on abortion. Yes, while I was working to destroy the black Americans already in my country, I would work around the clock to make sure millions more never saw the light of day.

I’m not a white supremacist, but if I were, I don’t think I would change one thing that has happened culturally, socially, or politically to destroy black people in America.

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