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Leaders Must Expose Islam for What It Is

Monday, December 07, 2015 @ 10:45 AM Leaders Must Expose Islam for What It Is ATTENTION: Major social media outlets are finding ways to block the conservative/evangelical viewpoint. Click here for daily electronic delivery of The Stand's Daily Digest - the day's top blogs from AFA.

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In 2002, a shocking headline told the story of the conviction of a pharmacist who had knowingly sold diluted medicines to cancer patients.  Dr. Robert Courtney of the Tower Pharmacy in Kansas City had “watered down” prescriptions for a number of years, enabling him to sell nearly 100,000 weakened doses of drugs to unsuspecting patients.  When authorities determined that cancer patients whose drugs came from the Tower Pharmacy were dying- or at least fairing much worse- than patients receiving drugs from other pharmacists, Dr. Courtney’s actions were exposed.  Also suspicious was the fact that the druggist has amassed a net worth of nearly $20 million dollars in a fairly short number of years- a higher-than-usual amount of wealth for a local pharmacist. 

Media showed the Doctor appearing fairly nonchalant during the arrest and trial.  People were horrified:  “How could one intentionally allow cancer patients to suffer and die while thinking they were being treated?”  “How could one in good conscience “cut” the drugs with water- at the expense of human life- merely for the sake of money?”  In good conscience, one could not.  But Dr. Courtney was not a man of moral conscience.  He had other motives than the public good.  

With trust comes obligation

In a similar way, I believe that many American leaders are peddling a commodity that has been severely “cut”:  Truth about the threat of Islam.  Like the rogue pharmacist- complicit in the death of innocent people- I am convinced of the moral guilt of any leader who denies that Islam is the worldview causing terrorism and the death we witness in every day’s news cycle.  Educators, journalists, political candidates, many clergy, and the President himself perpetuate the narrative that Islam as an ideology is not behind killings like the one in San Bernardino.  Not only is the President unwilling to call the California massacre (and others like it) by its accurate name, “Islamic terrorism,” he and the left blame “gun ownership,” saying, “This just doesn’t happen in other countries.”  

That we would even need to ask whether Obama would classify the slaughter in San Bernardino as mere, “workplace violence” shows that those who hold the reigns of national safety have betrayed the trust of the American people.  How are the interests of citizens served when the President would try and force states to accept 10,000 Syrians- some of whom undoubtedly have terrorist ties?  Why is this administration hiding the fact that Islamic terrorists have committed atrocities right here in America?  Obama's ideology and sympathy for Islam is putting all Americans at risk.

Leadership is something that God entrusts to people.  The Bible says that God raises up leaders, and takes down others (c.f.: Daniel 2:21, Psalm 75:7, Romans 13:1-2).  With God-ordained position of authority, comes accountability.  Leaders are responsible and accountable.  Any leader today who cannot (or will not) acknowledge Islam for the morally evil force that it is is doing great disservice to humanity.  The rise of Islam imperils the safety of the world; only blindness or complicity could prevent one from acknowledging this.

Some tragic facts

The world is reeling after terrorist attacks in Paris took at least 129 lives, including one American college student. Now, the people of San Bernardino have been touched by tragedy perpetrated by Muslim hands.  Less than a month ago in California, a Muslim assailant stabbed Israelis while shouting, “Allahu Akbar.”  A month prior to that, a shooter in Oregon- who had praised terrorism and Islamic groups online- killed 10.  On it goes, now seemingly on a monthly basis.  Since the time of the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon, I have said elected officials and churches must communicate the truth about Islam. 

Islam is dangerous, growing, and threatens the existence of America.  The Muslim world’s history is one of bloodshed, murder and imperialistic actions.  All of the liberal, politically correct, pluralistic ‘spin’ in the world cannot change the dark nature of Islam. The longer American pulpits are silent on this—and the longer that our President and others soft-pedal the facts on this malevolent worldview— the more lives that will be lost and the greater degree that American security will be undermined.  After recent Russian military actions, ISIS issued a video warning that, “countries taking part in air strikes against Syria would suffer the same fate as France.”  ISIS has threatened to Washington. 

What leaders- and Christians- must do

Our leaders must recognize the truth about Islam.  Preachers need to lead the way in calling their people to know the truth about Islam, praying for world peace, and in praying for the conversion of Muslims. Spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ truly is the world’s best hope.

I believe that all Christians should pray for the Holy Spirit of God to restrain evil around the world.  We should ask the Lord to protect America, and we must ask that God pour conviction on us, which would lead us to repent of our sins.  Obama should apologize to the American people for championing things that are bringing the judgment of God on this nation.  Americans should cry out to God for His protection and restored blessing.  The church must intercede for the salvation of the lost Muslim world.  Perhaps God would lead you even to fast and pray.  I believe it is urgent that we do this!

The Christian’s response to the rise and aggression of Islam should focus on these three most important steps:  Pray, pray and pray.  Let us remember that God is still able to penetrate the human heart … from the hearts of "infidels" like us, and even the hearts of those who hate Israel, America, and the West.  God can also influence the hearts and minds of leaders who, at present, may be cowardly, corrupt, or complicit with evil. 

Sadly, some frown on the criticism of Islam as if they were reprimanding the making of a racist statement.  Indeed, racism is wrong.  But Islam is not an ethnicity.  It is a worldview, a faith system, a grouping of ideas and objectives.  As such, it most certainly can be evaluated and critiqued in the arena of ideas.  Islam enjoys no favored status that places it above criticism.  Certainly the fruits it has produced in the world- or more properly said, “perpetrated against the world”- legitimize its exposure all the more.  The sooner American leaders will courageously see this, the better hope for all. 


Alex McFarland is Director for Christian Worldview and Apologetics at North Greenville University, located in South Carolina.  He is author of 15 books, and speaks in many locations throughout the US and internationally.            |

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