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The Blind Leading the Blind

Thursday, January 07, 2016 @ 02:58 PM The Blind Leading the Blind ATTENTION: Major social media outlets are finding ways to block the conservative/evangelical viewpoint. Click here for daily electronic delivery of The Stand's Daily Digest - the day's top blogs from AFA.

Walker Wildmon Vice President of Operations MORE

The Washington Post is so biased toward left wing ideology that it wouldn’t surprise me if self-described socialist Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders receives its endorsement.

Post columnist Steven Petrow recently cited AFA’s “Naughty or Nice” Christmas shoppers guide as if it proved the Southern Poverty Law Center’s misguided claim that AFA is a “hate group.”

Since when has informing shoppers which stores are friendly to Christmas and which stores want shoppers’ money but not their “Christ” during Christmas lend credence to SPLC’s “hate group” claim?  It seems that liberals like Petrow and the SPLC find it more exhilarating to demonize Christians and Christian ministries than engage in meaningful dialogue about our differences.

Not to mention, Mr. Petrow is thoroughly confused. Our “Naughty or Nice” list rates companies on how well they advertise Christmas. It has nothing to do with pro or anti-LGBT companies as the columnist thinks. Specifically our website says, “This list only reflects a company's Christmas advertising and does not take into account other corporate policies AFA may not agree with.”

Nothing better to do

Some liberals seem to have nothing better to do than harass and intimidate.  They haven’t seemed to figure out that kind of behavior speaks far more about them than their targets.

Do I really think that the false labeling will stop? Of course not. After all, SPLC and all of its counterparts make money off stirring up hate and animosity towards people of faith. If there were no Christians to go after then they’d have nothing to do.

Journalism integrity

What is truly disappointing is that the mainstream media is so sold out on the leftist ideology that they no longer report on the news but rather turn every news story into a one-sided editorial and call it “news”. More specifically, Mr. Petrow writes in the “civilities” section and this is anything but civil. Using sources that are known to be false is poor manners to say the least. Maybe Mr. Petrow should take a “Ethics of Journalism” class.

The Washington Post and specifically Mr. Petrow should apologize for using a dangerous and discredited organization as its source for calling AFA a “hate group.” Not only is this a falsehood, it has been used in one specific example to target a Christian organization. In August of 2012 a man walked into the Family Research Council with plans to “kill as many people as possible.” How’d he find out about FRC? You guessed it, SPLC and their “hate group” map.

And yet the SPLC is so adamant in their agenda that even if people’s lives are at risk they continue to label Christian groups like AFA and FRC “hate groups.”

Our mission

Whether or not the Washington Post apologizes or SPLC stops the false labeling won’t affect our mission. Truth is truth. Marriage is between a man and a woman. Life begins at conception. Abortion is murder. America is inherently a Christian nation. And God calls all men to repent of their sins, turn from their wicked ways and believe that He is the Son of God (Acts 3:19). The list goes on.

Join the fight

If you’d like to join in our mission to share God’s truth with a lost and dying world then start receiving our weekly emails here. Also, share our material with family and friends on social media so they too can begin to restore America to her Godly heritage. The time to get involved is now!

SPLC discredited

(For more on the SPLC's use of "hate group" mentality and how it has been discredited click on the links below)

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