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Confront Islamic Terrorism Now

Tuesday, March 22, 2016 @ 11:01 AM Confront Islamic Terrorism Now ATTENTION: Major social media outlets are finding ways to block the conservative/evangelical viewpoint. Click here for daily electronic delivery of The Stand's Daily Digest - the day's top blogs from AFA.

Walker Wildmon Vice President Operations MORE

The days of being politically correct and hosting millions of Muslim immigrants may soon come to a halt.  Muslim terrorists struck again in the heart of Europe at Brussels International Airport. Reports of a death toll in the 30’s and nearly 200 injured. This number will surely go up.

The two questions that the media is going to ask are: 1) What is the problem? and 2) How can we fix it? For this red blooded, politically incorrect American the answer is simple.

The Problem

For decades Europe has been a refuge for Muslims fleeing the Middle East and because of liberal immigration policies, terrorists have taken advantage and have hidden among the refugees. Thus we have had the attacks in France months ago (with 129 dead and hundreds injured) and now in Belgium.  Virtually unrestricted Muslim immigration is the problem.

Is America Next?

This question haunts most Americans.  Nevertheless it is an important one. Over the past several decades U.S. immigration laws have been ignored both by illegal immigrants as well as our own government. We continue to allow people to cross our southern border liberally. We allow people to overstay their visas as well. It is inevitable that we end up like Europe, unless we act now.

The Domestic Solution

For Europe, I’m afraid it’s too late for a fix. They are in major damage control, while lives are being lost. For America, it’s not too late. But we better act now. To begin with, government must suspend all immigration from the Middle East and countries like Somalia that are known to host terrorist cells. The secular liberals call this discrimination on the basis of religion and say “that’s not what America is about.” However, the First Amendment doesn’t apply to non-U.S. citizens. Secondly, the government can discriminate on the basis of religion if our national security is at risk. So to answer the critics, this is what America better be about, or we’ll end up like Europe.

The Foreign Solution

Europe and other western countries like America must be militarily pro-active. And when I say “pro-active” I don’t mean send advisers to the Middle East and conduct a couple airstrikes each day. The best way to destroy ISIS is by surrounding their territory and draining them of resources. They will have two choices: Stay put, run out of resources and eventually die, or flee and be killed or captured by thousands of U.S. Marines and allied forces. To those who oppose boots on the ground, I ask this: do you want to terminate this cancer now while it is still controllable? Or wait until it grows to be uncontainable? Politically it may be unpopular to put boots on the ground in the Middle East, but I don’t doubt that we’d have an overflow of military men and women energetic about destroying terrorism.


In a perfect world, we would not have to even discuss things like this. Yet the fact is, we live in a world filled with evil. If governments allow this evil cancer called Islamic terrorism to continue to grow, one day very soon we will have an unfixable problem on our hands. For those who are hesitant in confronting Islamic terrorists militarily right now for fear of being called Islamaphobic, will you still be hesitant when dozens of your fellow Americans are lying in pools of blood because we failed to secure our own country?  It’s just a matter of time.

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