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'The Real O'Neals' Continues to Ridicule Christian Values

Thursday, March 31, 2016 @ 8:31 AM 'The Real O'Neals' Continues to Ridicule Christian Values ATTENTION: Major social media outlets are finding ways to block the conservative/evangelical viewpoint. Click here for daily electronic delivery of The Stand's Daily Digest - the day's top blogs from AFA.

Monica Cole Dir. One Million Moms MORE

ABC’s newest sitcom “The Real O’Neals” is described as “just your typical all-American, Catholic, divorcing, disgraced, law breaking, gay family” and continues on to say their family is “a perfect mess.” The program continues to air on Tuesday evenings at 8:30/7:30 p.m. CT. 

“The Real O’Neals” mocks Christianity and insults Catholicism. 1MM recognizes this show ridicules people of faith, and Christians across America are offended by it. 

Almost every scene is filled with sexual innuendos or mockery of faith. It is impossible to list them all, so here are a few scenes from the past couple of episodes: 

•             Brothers view porn on laptop. Gay porn made to appear normal and acceptable. Comments between brothers and between father and sons show no form of guilt in watching porn.                  Jokes and other references such as pornado and pornward are made.

•             Gay character and his brother observe that "10 percent of the population is gay," and suggest that most of those who object to gay porn are homophobic. In reality, The Centers for                  Disease Control reports that 1.6 percent of the population is homosexual. That is a far cry from 10 percent, but since a big part of the show's agenda is to normalize homosexuality                    along with other sins, it makes sense for the show to lie.

•             Student at Catholic school holds up middle finger, which is pixelated.

•             The daughter skips church, doubts God, disrespects priest as she verbally backs him into a corner, and he (the head of their church) fails at answering her questions.

•             ABC network refers to this highly dysfunctional family as “the perfect Irish-Catholic family.”

•             Foul language (purposely uses every word imaginable).

•             One of the show’s producers is anti-Christian bigot Dan Savage, and the show is said to be loosely based on his life. 

Please use the information we have provided to contact Uncle Ben’s (owned by Mars Inc.) and ask that they pull their financial support from “The Real O’Neals." 

Click on link to Take Action: 


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