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Keep Cross-dressing Cowboys Out of Ladies' Room

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A barbecue restaurant in a small Texas town has become the latest front in the culture war over where transvestites get to go to the bathroom. 

And the culture warriors who own the joint are standing firm: no cross-dressing cowboys in our ladies’ room, no sir. 

The restaurant is called “BBQ on the Brazos,” in the small Texas town of Cresson (pop. 1000), about 30 minutes southwest of Fort Worth, Texas. The restaurant’s owner, John Sanford, has drawn his own red line. He has posted a neatly-printed sign on the door to the women’s restroom which reads, “No men allowed in the women’s bathroom please.” 

The backstory is that this battlefront was not drawn up in response to President Obama’s dangerous bathroom policy for schools, but goes back three years to the time when a rodeo cowboy dressed in a skirt and stilettos wanted to use the girls’ room. 

This particular guest is what is called a “pickup man” in the rodeo world, the guy who gets riders to safety after they have been bucked off a bronco or a bull. As Sanford says,  “The furthest thing from my mind was to see him in hot pants, a blouse and 6-inch heels.” 

Women who work at the restaurant discussed the issue with Sanford, and, as he put it, “Everybody got together and said, we can’t have this guy going into the ladies’ restroom. I don’t care if he has on a dress or not.” 

The deviancy cabal has opened another and much higher profile front in the cause to coerce culture into treating transvestites as normal. They are going after the NBA and the NFL. 

As you remember, North Carolina passed House Bill 2 which quite correctly establishes as state policy that males will use the guys’ room and females will use the ladies’ room in all state facilities. This policy is rooted in biology, medical science, genetics, and biblical morality, and of course is excellent public policy. 

But transvestites insist on pushing into every place where they don’t belong, and have found a willing and sadly misguided accomplice in the NBA. Charlotte is scheduled to host the 2017 All-Star Game, but NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has informed the state that unless transvestites are allowed in restrooms at halftime of the game, the NBA will have to take it somewhere else. And he’s slapped a deadline on their capitulation to sexual anarchy by demanding that he get his answer by the end of the summer. This, of course, is nothing less than extortion, the kind of thing the Russian mafia does all the time. 

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has joined the push by vowing to “continue to fight” North Carolina’s privacy-protection bill, with the implicit threat to deny North Carolina any possibility of hosting the Super Bowl in the Panthers’ stadium. 

On another front, the Fort Worth Independent School District has foolishly and dangerously adopted President Obama’s directive that schools allow boys to go into the girls’ locker rooms anytime they want under threat of lawsuits and financial punishment. 

But parents are fighting back, and last night gave testimony before the school board about how risky the new policy is to the privacy and sexual integrity of their teenage girls. You can hear some of their comments here

The Scriptures tell us to “stand firm in the evil day” (Ephesians 6:13). Well, the owner of BBQ on the Brazos is standing firm against sexual insanity, as are the parents of the Forth Worth school district. And so is the state of North Carolina. 

So the question is this: when the forces of sexual deviancy push against us in our community, are we ready to do the same?

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