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Trump Is Right, the System Is Rigged

Wednesday, October 05, 2016 @ 02:26 PM Trump Is Right, the System Is Rigged ATTENTION: Major social media outlets are finding ways to block the conservative/evangelical viewpoint. Click here for daily electronic delivery of The Stand's Daily Digest - the day's top blogs from AFA.

Walker Wildmon Vice President of Operations MORE

For years, many have charged that the American political system is rigged. This has been echoed by Mr. Donald Trump himself.  Unfortunately, what was once labelled a right wing conspiracy theory seems to be coming to light as fact.

As my wife and I watched the vice-presidential debate we weren’t five minutes into it when my wife shouted “Stop!” I looked over at her and realized she was talking to the television, specifically Senator Tim Kaine, Hillary Clinton’s running mate.

The debate structure allows for some healthy dialogue between candidates, thus they call it a debate. One thing the debate structure doesn’t allow is constant interruption, thus we have a moderator. Last night the moderator was nowhere to be found and this frustrated my usually patient wife.

Senator Kaine found it necessary to interrupt Governor Mike Pence 72 times according this official video released by the GOP today. In a fair world where the rules are followed the moderator would’ve stepped in from the get-go and told the two participants that each one has an allotted time to speak and that incessant interrupting would not be tolerated.

This type of unsportsmanlike conduct is only allowed if it is a Democrat committing the foul. Every American knows that if Governor Pence had interrupted Senator Kaine incessantly, the moderator would’ve set the Governor straight.

This makes two debates in the past week where the moderator’s biases have been clearly evident. The American people can’t even get a fair and balanced debate.  Why? Because the Left’s ideas don’t work and if there ever were to be a fair debate, this would become quite obvious.

On another note, one of the most humorous parts of the debate was when the moderator and Sen. Kaine questioned Gov. Pence on Mr. Trump’s business filing a $915 million dollar loss in 1995 and thus avoiding having to pay federal taxes.  Yet, what sane American doesn’t file every deduction possible on their taxes to benefit their finances in coming years?

It would be analogous to my personal accountant telling me that I can file X, Y, and Z on my taxes in order to save money and me telling her “No, I’ll pass. I enjoy paying more taxes.”Insanity.

How else is the system rigged?

Over recent years, rogue federal judges have struck down voter I.D. laws in several key states. Laws aimed at preventing voter fraud have been partially or fully struck down in states like Texas, North Carolina, Ohio and Wisconsin to name a few. Many of the judges claimed that the voter I.D. laws would have caused a decrease in turnout for minority voters, specifically blacks.

This should be an offense to the entire black community. A federal judge makes the assumption that minorities aren’t responsible enough to acquire a government issued identification card. If individuals have to show their I.D. when buying tobacco or when going to see an R rated movie, then why is it unjust to apply the same standard to something as important as voting?

While there are many other reasons to believe that the American political system is rigged to favor liberals, the two situations above seem to be the most telling. A biased media in addition to increased voter fraud will naturally tilt the election to favor the political left.

Americans must overcome this tilt and begin to take back this country and it all starts in November.

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