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Bill Nye No Science Guy

Friday, April 28, 2017 @ 02:19 PM Bill Nye No Science Guy Anne Reed Former Staff MORE

Bill Nye the Science Guy, the bow-tie guy best known for his 1990’s TV show for kids by the same name, it turns out is anything but kid-friendly. My oldest watched his show as a small child. As I remember, it was fun and informative in terms of beginner-level science. 

But oh how things have “progressed.” His new show on Netflix “Bill Nye Saves the World,” is outrageously disturbing. 

Nye isn’t actually a scientist. He has a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. He left that field to do stand-up comedy for a while before breaking into showbiz. And apparently, over the years, his basic ideas about science have evolved into something that has nothing to do with science at all, and everything to do with leftist ideology.  

Nye is an avid supporter of climate change. He even thinks it may be a good idea to jail climate-change skeptics. In an interview with Marc Morano, Nye inferred that those who doubt or dismiss climate change should be prosecuted:

“What’s your thought on jailing skeptics as war criminals,” asked Morano.  

“We’ll see what happens,” Nye said with a shrug. “…Was it appropriate to jail people from the cigarette industry when [they] insisted that this addictive product was not addictive, and so on. And you think about, in these cases, for me as a tax payer and voter, the doubting – the introduction of this extreme doubt – when you go with extreme doubt about climate change, is affecting my quality of life as a public citizen. So I can see where people are very concerned about this and are pursuing criminal investigations…” 

The idea of punishing American citizens living in a manner inconsistent with his narrow worldview extends further. 

In a panel discussion with Travis Rieder, a bioethicist at Johns Hopkins University, the two clearly identified children as “problems.” In his concern for the amount of carbon dioxide children emit into the atmosphere, he pushed the idea that those in developed countries should be penalized for having “extra kids” (more than two). 

Nye is suggesting that the U.S. develop policies like those in China that have led to abusive treatment of its citizens, including exorbitant fines, loss of livelihood, and forced abortion. 

In another episode titled Earth’s People Problem, Nye suggests that all women should enter the workforce in order to reduce the number of children on the planet. He goes on to say that when women are in power, “they have fewer kids, and the kids they have have a higher quality of life because they have more resources to distribute for the fewer kids.” 

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the veiled pro-abortion argument I believed when I was a teen – the message that worldly success and the almighty dollar is of ultimate importance, the final crowning achievement – an ideology that flies in the face of a biblical worldview.  

Make no mistake about it; abortion is exactly what Nye is suggesting. He has been a staunch supporter of abortion for years. 

In light of his views on free-for-all sexuality, abortion is a natural outflow. With no scientific support, another show highlights his opinions about gender fluidity. With cool stage props and appealing color combinations, Nye explains that gender is not binary as we’ve all been taught: 

“Now we’re realizing it’s more like a kaleidoscope,” he explained. “And this isn’t just for adults. Parents know this already.” 

The message to kids here: Your parents have been holding out on you. This is scientific kids! 

In the same episode, Nye pushed extreme sexual deviancy by introducing Rachel Bloom and her dancing cohorts with “something very special, a cool little segment” to portray perversion as normal and healthy.

The “song” began with, “This world of ours is full of choice, but must I choose between only John or Joyce?” And it goes way downhill from there. The degree of obscenity is alarming to say the least. Apparently the vast majority of viewers agreed. The Youtube video currently has less than 1,000 likes and over 60,000 dislikes. If nothing else, the response is encouraging. 

Nye, however, expressed a maniacal degree of praise once the disgusting spectacle finally came to an end: “That’s exactly the right message Rachel …nice job, whoa-whoa-whoa, beautiful, nice, carry on,” he said exuberantly. 

Bill Nye is no science guy. And his influences should be kept as far from our children as the east is from the west. 

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