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Cecile Richards Jumping Ship Before It Sinks

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Cecile Richards, Planned Parenthood CEO, is resigning her post. Let’s review a few recent shifts that may have played into her decision. 

When the Center for Medical Progress began releasing its mass of videos in 2015, unveiling the ghastly realities of what transpires behind the doors of PP facilities, states took notice. And when 24 states took steps to stop the flow of funding from its own citizens to the contemptible organization, the federal beast roared: “You can’t do that!” 

In April 2016, Obama wrote a letter warning states that it was a potential violation of federal law to restrict Medicaid funding to PP. That was only the beginning. A few months later, in December 2016, the Department of Health and Human Services finalized a revision to Title X Family Program for the purpose of halting any organized efforts to defund PP. And the change was set to go into effect January 18, 2017 – just two days before Trump’s inauguration.

Rep. Diane Black (R-TN) didn’t waste any time. Just days into President Trump’s presidency, she introduced Joint Resolution 43, which sought to reverse the tyrannical rule. It read that “such rule shall have no force or effect.”

The Republican-led Congress has fallen down on the job miserably in many ways, most notably observed in its failure to defund PP on a federal level. But to give credit where it’s due, in the first quarter of President Trump’s administration, Republicans used the Congressional Review Act to roll back the HHS regulation prohibiting state defunding. After the president signed the measure, states became immediately free to direct funds away from PP and to other legitimate healthcare entities.

And to provide further clarification (and a reminder), last week, President Trump also revoked Obama’s April 2016 letter providing so-called “legal guidance” written to strongly discourage states from defunding abortion providers. 

There’s more. Under President Trump’s leadership, the HHS is issuing a new regulation to protect the rights of healthcare workers’ who object to services such as abortion, euthanasia, and sterilization. After years of the federal government forcing people to violate their consciences, HHS is creating a new division to focus specifically on conscience and religious objections. 

We lived through eight years of pro-death ideological leadership. The tentacles of that ideology seemed to reach into every level of governance. 

Two congressional investigations into PP were prompted by the Center for Medical Progress whose scandalous undercover video clearly demonstrates PP’s profiting from organ harvesting of aborted babies. Richards was subjected to hours of questioning, and her answers were filled with preposterous uncertainties about the organization she led as well as fictitious arguments against CMP. Whatever happened as a result of those investigations? Do you remember? 

PP slithered out of danger in its usual villainous fashion. Strangely, its long-time partners, DaVinci Biosciences and DV Biologics, paid out nearly $8 million to settle a suit accusing each of illegally selling aborted baby brains and other parts to pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions. 

David Daleiden, founder of CMP and the man responsible for the undercover investigation that brought the illegal actions to light, explained the connection between the organizations: 

For eight years, Planned Parenthood supplied aborted baby hearts, lungs, brains, and intestines to DV Biologics, which DV Biologics then resold for profit. In exchange for merely providing access to aborted baby body parts, Planned Parenthood received kickback contributions from DaVinci Biosciences over the course of their eight-year contract. Planned Parenthood is not above the law, and law enforcement and elected representatives everywhere must now hold Planned Parenthood accountable for their barbaric profiteering off of pregnant women and the body parts of their aborted children. 

The two companies have been forced to close their doors. Yet, PP has “miraculously” survived what many thought would be its certain death. 

This week, the news of Richards’ upcoming resignation has taken many by surprise. Isn’t it interesting that it comes just before the release of her “inspirational memoir” and during the FBI’s investigation of the organization? 

As the FBI’s gross failure to fulfill its well-regarded investigative role has come to light, I think we can expect forthcoming changes – a clean-up of sorts in the bureau. And the residual effects of former president Barak Obama’s undying devotion to the baby killing industry are becoming increasingly scarce. 

Let’s face it. Things are different now. Though Richards seemed to glide through previous congressional investigations unscathed, maybe she sees this investigation as a little more threatening. 

Over 3.5 million babies have been killed under her 12-year watch. Regardless of the pleasant words she uses to describe her book, there’s nothing inspirational about that legacy. 

It looks as though the powerful fortifications are beginning to collapse. Perhaps Richards sees the warships approaching and the inevitable end ahead.

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