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The Indispensable Man

Friday, August 24, 2018 @ 12:25 PM The Indispensable Man ATTENTION: Major social media outlets are finding ways to block the conservative/evangelical viewpoint. Click here for daily electronic delivery of The Stand's Daily Digest - the day's top blogs from AFA.

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Americans, particularly conservative Americans, seem to have little awareness of how much rides on President Trump’s ability to survive the storm. 

The Republicans, jellyfish that they are, certainly do not. Virtually no Republican on Capitol Hill has made any effort to stand by the president in his current troubles. They seem to shrug their shoulders at the prospect of the president being disabled in office or removed from it altogether. Many might even relish the prospect. 

I want to be clear about one thing. It is impossible to defend the president’s behavior with porn stars and playmates a decade ago, and I certainly won’t. This is an entirely self-inflicted wound. He has no one to blame for his current troubles but himself. 

That being said, there is still a country to run and somebody has to do it. As many legal types have already observed, the president committed no legal crime in buying someone’s silence. It happens all the time, with severance agreements and the like. And the money came out of his own pocket, not campaign funds, so there is no violation of campaign finance law. 

But Democrats have already seized on this transgression by the president to start talking incessantly about impeachment, which is a possible, and perhaps likely, eventuality should the Democrats take control of the House in November. 

What few, if any, are talking about are the consequences for the country if the president is rendered ineffective by the howling mobs. But the implications are dire. 

President Trump is a president unlike any we have ever seen. He is an alley fighter, not a diplomat, and every time he is poked, he punches back ten times as hard, just as he promised. Republicans have never had a president with this kind of fight in him, ever. We likely will never see it again. 

He represents a once-in-a-century opportunity to derail the regressive agenda when it comes to the sanctity of life, religious liberty, originalism on the Supreme Court, sovereign control of our borders, economy-killing regulations, and a determined pushback against the dark and lethal forces of Islam. 

The Democrats and the regressive left understand this. They recognize that Trump represents a mortal threat to everything they hold dear, which is the only explanation for the ferocity of their attacks against him. If they don’t disable him, they rightly fear he may put a crimp in the regressive agenda for decades. 

The sad reality is there is no one else in Washington, D.C. that the left fears or has any reason to fear. If they neutralize President Trump, everything will go back to the way it has been for decades, with swamp rats running everything in the nation’s capital with virtually no resistance. Trump is the only man in D.C. with the fight to take on all comers in the interests of what is best for America. 

Virtually no Republican in D.C. is publicly standing with the president, and everyone on the left wants him drawn and quartered. About all President Trump has left are the members of his faithful base. Let’s hope and pray that will be enough.

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