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Yes, Politico, Homosexuality is a "Decadent Lifestyle"

Tuesday, August 21, 2018 @ 12:52 PM Yes, Politico, Homosexuality is a "Decadent Lifestyle" ATTENTION: Major social media outlets are finding ways to block the conservative/evangelical viewpoint. Click here for daily electronic delivery of The Stand's Daily Digest - the day's top blogs from AFA.

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Politico writer Michael Kruse came in for a world of abuse after telling the truth about homosexuality in a Sunday piece. 

Writing about Ray Cohn, who was Joseph McCarthy’s lawyer back in the day and was a “fixer” for Donald Trump decades ago, Kruse quite correctly noted that Cohn “had died from AIDS, the result of the decadent homosexual lifestyle he denied to the end.” 

But the gods of Sodom and Gomorrah landed on Kruse like a falling safe for his impertinence, and he was forced to retract the phrase within hours, as it was “deemed insensitive” by the whitewashers of moral depravity. (The column as it originally appeared can be found here.) 

According to the Oxford Dictionary, “decadent” means “characterized by or reflecting a state of moral or cultural decline.” A more apt description of homosexual behavior cannot be found. One of the more mystifying myths that the anti-God left has gotten millions of Americans to believe is that homosexuality is simply a benign and perfectly normal alternative to heterosexuality. It is not. 

It quite obviously puts human body parts to uses for which they were never intended. A rudimentary lesson in plumbing is all you need to learn that there is a difference between “male” and “female,” and that you can’t connect a male part to another male part and expect anything to work. Homosexuals are twenty times more likely to contract anal cancer, for obvious reasons. 

Because homosexual sex is so unnatural, it represents a unique danger to human health. According to the Centers for Disease Control, gay and bisexual men accounted for a staggering 82% of all new HIV/AIDS infections in 2015. Over the entire history of the AIDS epidemic, the CDC indicates that about 65% of all the men in America who have ever been diagnosed with AIDS contracted it from having sex with other men. All this despite the fact that homosexuals comprise just 2% of the population. 

Men who use needles to abuse drugs comprise the next highest risk category, accounting for about 25% of all cases. The conclusion is inescapable: homosexual conduct is more dangerous to human health than injection drug abuse. 

A study of the homosexual community in Vancouver, B.C. and published in the International Journal of Epidemiology revealed that active participation in the homosexual lifestyle will cost a man between eight and 21 years of his lifespan. A cigarette smoking habit will cost a man about six years of his life. Yet we spend billions trying to keep young Americans from picking up the habit and billions trying to help them quit if they do. But we foolishly stick our heads in the sand and do nothing to help those afflicted with a sexual addiction that is far more lethal. 

Bottom line: Politico was right the first time. Only a rabid, anti-science obsession with abnormal sexuality could lead them to edit out the offending phrase and continue the mission of the Talking Snake Media of hiding truth from the American people. Hiding the truth from the public about the dangers of homosexual behavior is irresponsible, dangerous, and inhumane.

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