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Blatant Hypocrisy and DOJ Double Standards

Monday, September 10, 2018 @ 12:28 PM Blatant Hypocrisy and DOJ Double Standards ATTENTION: Major social media outlets are finding ways to block the conservative/evangelical viewpoint. Click here for daily electronic delivery of The Stand's Daily Digest - the day's top blogs from AFA.

Walker Wildmon Vice President of Operations MORE

It’s time for Mueller’s investigation to close up shop, unless they want to explain the apparent hypocrisy and the double standard the Department of Justice (DOJ) is taking with the writer of recently published opinion essay in the New York Times. 

If they won’t close the Trump investigation over potential and alleged crimes, then they need to investigate the potential crimes of the writer who freely admits to actively subverting the President’s agenda for serving the American people.

On Wednesday, September 5, 2018, the New York Times published an opinion essay by an anonymous person who claims to be a senior administration official under Trump’s presidency.

The title of the op-ed is “I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration.”

It is historic, not in a positive light, that someone who is supposed to “serve at the pleasure of the president” is willing to openly yet anonymously criticize the Commander-In-Chief. Then the author admitted that he or she was actively working to undermine and “frustrate” the agenda of the president. This is absolutely stunning and shameful.

Here are a few important excerpts. In the third paragraph, the author says, regarding difficulties that President Trump faces, “The dilemma - which he [President Trump] does not fully grasp - is that many of the senior officials in his own administration are working diligently from within to frustrate parts of his agenda and his worst inclinations.”

The essay goes on to claim that the president has poor decision-making skills, erratic behavior, and easily veers off topic. The author also makes broad swipes at the president without providing evidence to support his or her claims.

He or she concludes by saying, “There is a quiet resistance within the administration of people choosing to put country first. But the real difference will be made by everyday citizens rising above politics, reaching across the aisle and resolving to shed the labels in favor of a single one: Americans.”

Regardless of whether you agree with the president or not, we should all be able to agree that it anti-democratic for someone in the administration to work against the man who the American people elected to hold the most powerful position in the world.

Former President Obama deserved to have a team of leaders and staff members around him who were committed to his vision for America. Why? Because the American people elected him to the office.

President Trump deserves the same. Officials in the administration may not agree with everything the president does but they are still charged with remaining loyal to him. This means not undermining his efforts.

The day after the essay was published, President Trump said that Attorney General Jeff Sessions should investigate the issue and assist in finding the anonymous author within the administration.

Many in the media, including Fox News' correspondent John Roberts who tried to discredit the possibility of a DOJ investigation by saying that no crime has occurred.

While this is factually true, this is another example of blatant hypocrisy that many in the media fail to point out.

What is the hypocrisy?

On one hand, the Department of Justice must only need to suspect a crime in order to launch an investigation into Donald Trump and his 2016 campaign.

So in 2017 when the DOJ launched a special counsel led by Robert Mueller to investigate potential collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign, it was just that, an investigation into potential collusion. (emphasis mine)

On the other hand, the Department of Justice must find a crime in order to launch an investigation into someone within the Trump administration working to undermine the president.

Fast forward, in September of 2018 many of the same people who applaud the fact that the DOJ is investigating the alleged Russia collusion with the Trump campaign, are offended at the idea of the DOJ investigating any potential crimes that may have been committed by the anonymous author of the NYT piece.

Democrats can’t have it both ways by having the law applied differently based on whether or not the potential lawbreaker supports their stance and views. 

The writer of the opinion essay says, “But the real difference will be made by everyday citizens rising above politics, reaching across the aisle and resolving to shed the labels in favor of a single one:  American.” 

To continue to apply laws without equality is the most unAmerican thing the DOJ can do.  Every American concerned about this equality should reach out to the DOJ.

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