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Burning Lady Justice at the Stake

Tuesday, September 25, 2018 @ 01:35 PM Burning Lady Justice at the Stake ATTENTION: Major social media outlets are finding ways to block the conservative/evangelical viewpoint. Click here for daily electronic delivery of The Stand's Daily Digest - the day's top blogs from AFA.

Dr. Robert Youngblood Assistant Digital Media Editor MORE

Regardless of the results Thursday, neither side will be completely happy. 

We are pyromaniacs doused in gasoline playing with matches…thinking we won’t get burned as a nation.  Instead, we risk burning Lady Justice at the stake and our nation will soon follow as “liberty and justice for all” turns into a free-for-all.

The press often refers to the committee as “The Judiciary Committee,” but that is false, inaccurate, or a straight out lie.  The actual name is the Committee on the Judiciary.  From the inaccurate name we, as a republic, have been led to believe they have more power than they really do.  They only have one role, which is implied, plus they only have three choices as spelled out in official documents.

According to a report prepared for members and committees of Congress, Kavanaugh most likely SHOULD be approved. 

The report “Senate Confirmation Process:  A Brief Overview” states,  “Appointees named to be Supreme Court justices and Cabinet secretaries receive the Senate’s closest scrutiny due to the significance of these positions. Approximately 99% of all presidential appointments are approved.”

Again, we are faced with the realization it is not mob rule, media rule, party rule, or any other rule but the rules we have agreed upon which make us a nation where Lady Justice can discern or judge what is true.

The chaos from this nomination process is enough to make me reconsider some of these childhood sayings.

  • Liars, liars, pants on fire!

Well, that would make it easier to know the truth when there is no proof.

  • Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words may never hurt me.

Unless you wait until after the official hearings with an accusation which seems to have no evidence—except evidence for political timing for fullest effect in November’s elections. 

  • I’m made of rubber, you’re made of glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you.

Unless you are a woman in the #metoo movement, and whether or not it is true, throw it out at a man, and it sticks like glue.

Political Ploys Destroy

Political parties seem to be practicing ploys to destroy by thinking, “Let’s use political spin to find/make a sin, hook them hard, and reel them in.  We’ll chop them up, take our bites, spit them out and confuse their sights.  Steal their hope, kill their faith, and destroy the man, we are the Wraith.”

Steal, kill, and destroy…sounds familiar to me.  Oh yeah, John 10:10. 

And the Wraith?  If there’s no proof, it doesn’t count as truth.  The Wraith is the vague smoky air of allegations, accusations, and false incriminations whipped into a whirlwind to be a sound of fury.  The media tries to establish rule even as they prove the mob is a fool. 

Yes, I know the jury is out but is the Senate Confirmation a jury like Lady Justice?  No, not really, because according to the Overview it is given this responsibility:

Under Senate Rule XXXI, the final question on a nomination is, “Will the Senate advise and consent to this nomination?” The Senate has three options: confirm, reject, or take no action on the nomination. Confirmation requires a simple majority vote.

The Committee on the Judiciary has requested much information already on Kavanaugh, and six different background checks done by the FBI have occurred too.  According to the committee’s page, “On July 21, 2018, Judge Kavanaugh submitted 120 pages of written answers and more than 17,000 pages of material in response to the Senate Judiciary Questionnaire, the most comprehensive questionnaire ever submitted to a Supreme Court nominee.”

What is sad is that Senator Dianne Feinstein, who claims to have the best interest of America at heart, deliberately sat on the material until AFTER the official hearings…adding cost and time to the American public with a serving of deliberate doubt to Kavanaugh.  Was this a personal political ploy?

If Lady Justice burns, then Feinstein is one of the people who struck the match.  I’m sorry if she's mad and worried that the Democratic Party in California doesn’t support her as liberal enough to be their chosen candidate for the reelection.  Don’t take America down because of it.

Oh, this is much more than Thursday’s confirmation hearing with Kavanaugh and the allegations of Ford. 

Kavanaugh should have defamation papers served to Christine Ford and any other accusers.  If possible Feinstein should get those same types of papers along with dereliction of duty charges for waiting until after the official hearing.  Then Kavanaugh could answer accusations with the corporate classic, “It is my policy to not comment on current litigation.” 

However, it is just as possible that Ford’s people could serve papers, but highly unlikely as then they would have to deal with a real court instead of a Kangaroo Court.  Remember it is not a real court.  It is the Committee on the Judiciary.

It won’t matter who “wins” in this hearing, the other side will call it a Kangaroo Court too.  The “losing” side will claim bias and unfairness.  But vague smoky allegations carry no weight on the scales of justice, so the side that weighs correctly by evidence should be the side that wins.

Instead, the Wraith’s deliberate cloud of uncertainty will be used in a classic smoke-and-mirrors ploy to kill, steal, and destroy.

Look Senators, this slime must end.  Find proof or have the guts to let it go as nothing but a politically timed allegation to potentially influence the November election and possibly save one Democrat’s career of 25 years or so.  Look at it also as a means to possibly prevent Kavanaugh from serving on the next Supreme Court which starts the first Monday in October--next week.

We are unwittingly attempting to burn Lady Justice at the stake fueled by the fires of #metoo, social justice, foolishness and/or ignorance.

There is hope for the ignorant, for they can learn.  But the foolish?  It is foolish for either side to blur the truth and hope for real justice.  They will be like the wolf Billy Graham described in a story he used to describe sin.  It involved a wolf, a knife, and an Eskimo.

The Eskimo apparently would coat a knife’s edge with a layer of blood and then freeze it.  Layers and layers of blood would be frozen onto the knife.  He would then secure the knife in the ice with the blade up. 

And the wolf?  It would smell the blood, find it, and start licking it.  Her hunger grows and grows wanting more, and finally the taste of fresh blood hits.  A feverish pitch ensues, but the blood isn’t what killed the wolf.  It is the wolf’s own taste for it as the knife’s edge sliced through the wolf’s tongue until it was feeding off its own bloodlust.

That’s a pretty good example of the end effects of sin.  We almost happily destroy ourselves (Proverbs 14:12).

Did that sound mean?  Accusatory? 

Well, either way, someone’s telling lies, but unless God himself comes down, the men and women of the committee probably won’t have the wisdom to firmly state who is telling the full truth.

So then they must rely on evidence.  If there is no evidence and if the report done for Congress is true, Kavanaugh SHOULD get approved.  Will he?  Time will tell.

Again, I can guarantee this about Thursday:  Neither side is going to be completely happy.

The Democrats will have fodder either way for the November elections.  Lose?  See those nasty Republicans?  They hate women and they hate the truth!  Vote!  Win?  See those nasty Republicans?  They tried to sneak him in!  Vote!

The Democrats are playing a worldly strategy which gives them some power, but they are truly acting like pyromaniacs doused in gasoline playing with matches.  Whether they are ignorant or foolish about this doesn’t matter.

The Republicans will be cajoled and prodded by the press regardless.  This is all the more reason conservatives better vote in November—the election will be rigged, but not by Russians.  The press will do their best to swing the vote, but there won’t be an investigation about that. 

Who needs to worry about Russia when we are lighting the fires under Lady Justice ourselves?

Lady Justice is a tough lady.  Even though she’s blindfolded, carrying a scale, and a sword, I don’t think she’s fireproof. 

As Christians, we have been given a unique advantage as we can reach to the highest Judge of all (Psalm 75:7).

If things go south to ways we do not desire, then we have at our hands (Col. 3:23) the right to vote for our next leaders, the privilege to pray for our current leaders regardless (1 Timothy 2:1-3), and a growing faith in the One who loves us and all of mankind —no matter how many matches we play with in life.

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