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See the Media Myths about the Caravan Exposed

Tuesday, November 13, 2018 @ 02:34 PM See the Media Myths about the Caravan Exposed ATTENTION: Major social media outlets are finding ways to block the conservative/evangelical viewpoint. Click here for daily electronic delivery of The Stand's Daily Digest - the day's top blogs from AFA.

Dr. Robert Youngblood Assistant Digital Media Editor MORE

You hear the stories, but now, see the pictures as they celebrate buses pulling up, supplies being delivered, and the kind of assistance which makes you realize:  “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.”

The clues of the stink are often in the scenes of those wearing the logoed black t-shirts, though you’ll see others too.

It is an organization started by “an activist for immigrants living illegally in the United States” according to InfluenceWatch, a project of Capital Research Center (emphasis added).

Living illegally within America? 

Our laws tempt honest migrants to break laws.  Let’s start them on the right foot by having them follow our laws through legal ports of entry.  That should be “End of Story.”

But it isn’t, is it?

The organization, Pueblo Sin Fronteras (People Without Borders), is heavily funded and is helping the caravan. 

And their intentions? 

If you believe in the sovereignty of the United States and our rights to a border controlled by the rule of law, then their intentions border on sinister as they attempt to weaken both.  They attempt to create disorder at the border.

Join Ami Horowitz as he travels and joins the caravan to see what’s really happening: 

  • Hear the answers to “Why are you coming to America?”
  • See the videos of the supply chains necessary to keep the enormous group moving forward.
  • The press says the caravan is packed with women and children…see proof of the real truth.
  • The people in black t-shirts, of which there are hundreds, and why the caravan would probably stop moving without them.
  • How the United Nations assist the refugees' movements.
  • Hear the laughter of a U.N. representative when it was asked, “...this is a great way to stick it back in the eye of Trump, huh?” 
  • See the video of Mexican police escorting buses to the next destination.
  • The classes the immigrants are being taught to “navigate” past our borders with legal ease.
  • The training refugees get which the press eats up, even if the press doesn’t realize they’re being played as patsies.
  • Watch their faces and hear the answer to, ”Should America let in anybody who wants to come in?”
  • The political agendas of weakening American sovereignty and border security.

After you watch this video, you may also enjoy reading this about the “Caravan of Illusions,” one of the most shared blogs on The Stand from October.

Editor’s Note:  This video was posted as part of the Daily Wire’s Youtube channel on Nov. 12, 2018.  The Daily Wire is a conservative news and opinion organization founded by Ben Shapiro. Ami Horowitz is a writer, producer, and director of such documentaries as U.N. Me which answers “Is the United Nations living up to its founding ideals?”

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