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Democrats' Multi-Faceted Attack to Warp the Electoral College

Thursday, March 14, 2019 @ 01:49 PM Democrats' Multi-Faceted Attack to Warp the Electoral College ATTENTION: Major social media outlets are finding ways to block the conservative/evangelical viewpoint. Click here for daily electronic delivery of The Stand's Daily Digest - the day's top blogs from AFA.

Dr. Robert Youngblood Assistant Digital Media Editor MORE

It’s like your eyes are glued and unable to look away, because you know something is about to happen.  Will it be good or bad?  Will people be safe?  Or will people get hurt?  Will people forget there’s no such thing as a free lunch and then cut their noses off to spite their faces? 

Even though they have a lot of things in motion, it can still be stopped.

No, it’s not a car wreck.  It’s political ploys and plays in America today.

Massive numbers will be hurting if the Democrats get their way with the Electoral College.  I see them attacking it in three ways right now, and I bet I’m missing some too. Any of these alone may be enough to kill the government our Founders created after much thought and prayer.  Together, the three attacks may be the perfect storm of destruction which hides in the disguise of democratic socialism.

The first way deals with the loopholes in immigration and the lack of a secure border wall.  Many people have written about the problems of not having a secure border from many perspectives.  But these two points are about how they affect the Electoral College:

  • The 2020 Census is extremely important, along with the questions it asks, because electoral votes are allocated among the states based on the Census. President Trump wants to include a question asking if they are a citizen.  So do you want a state with huge populations of illegal and legal immigrants who are not citizens (work visas, etc.) giving those states where they live more power in the Electoral College?  When some states declare themselves "sanctuary" as they support breaking federal laws, I don't think they should be rewarded federally with more electoral votes (or federal money either)!  With only 538 electoral votes divided among the states according to population, we need to only allow legal citizens the right to vote and to be counted towards that right.
  • Democrats want to give illegal immigrants the right to vote like American citizens. Following the Democrat logic here, I don’t see why they are upset about alleged Russian influence.  With this move, they are basically asking U.S. citizens to give anyone in the world the right to vote here if they can just get inside.  Soon you won’t have to do that.  Someone will want an absentee ballot – no need to be a citizen who follows our laws.  Just identify yourself as someone who can vote in American elections – no need to really be an American citizen.

See here for some I’ve written before on the border and immigration because I really want to get to the third form of attack. 

The second attack is changing the voting age to 16.  Yes, sixteen, the age when you think 21 is old.  Mark Twain wrote, "When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much he had learned in seven years." 

A sixteen year old fully-indoctrinated by a public school system might easily be swayed to the cyanide-laced sweetness of the socialist democratic message.  I might be for them voting if public schools actually required students to pass a logic class.  I know my elective in logic in college made me ask better questions and to see when others were intentionally or unintentionally trying to trick me.  Even so, adults with college education often fall for the socialist democratic message too.  It’s those adults who believe in it and are working within the system which leads us to the third attack.

The third front is a loophole where the Democrats are creating and exploiting on a state-by-state level their ability to work around that pesky little thing we call the Constitution which establishes the Electoral College. 

A far-left movement called the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact encourages states to agree that whatever presidential candidate wins the national vote gets that state’s electors – even if that candidate loses the state.  

“Getting rid of the Electoral College would give Blue States political domination over Red States. Democrats don't give a hoot about ‘democracy.’ What they care about is power. And eliminating the Electoral College or circumventing it altogether would give Democrats that,” one editorial states.

Sound crazy?  Maybe not.  They are only 98 Electoral College votes shy of having enough states willing to ignore their voters’ choices overall in support of whoever wins the national vote.  Once they get 270, then they will try to enforce the compact on the next election.  It would be interesting if someone from another state sued them for non-constitutionality before that happens to prevent it from happening.  All of those states, twelve, are predominantly Blue.

An irony is that while Democrats continue to accuse President Trump of colluding with Russians, their ignorance and/or unwillingness to learn from history is causing them to act in ways which shape America more and more like the now defunct U.S.S.R., a.k.a. the Soviet Republic, a socialist regime.

Hmm.  Wait.  The Democrats want socialism?  But they’re upset Russia, a former socialist country, may have influenced the last election?  So they launch an investigation even as they move to make America more socialist?  This is like a B-movie plot filled with poor actors.  You know the kind…the one which wastes your time, energy, and money.  But this one can do more than that.

 “For the people” socialism ruins nations and kills the people.  Well, it kills the people like the Nazi’s did – those who did not fit “their” ideas, ideals, or those who dared to think or live differently.  It was the Nazi’s, the National Socialist German Worker’s Party, who killed 1.47 million Jews in 100 days or more than 25% of all the Jews killed in the six years of World War II.

Religious, disabled, homosexuals, and those with other political views were on the lists.  Every American should be concerned.  I guess those for socialism here are just hoping they are way down on the list or aren’t on the list at all.  Hence, the power grab.  If you are in power, you might prevent your name or group from appearing.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) is a registered member of Democratic Socialists of America which used an anti-Israel slogan at least once in 2017 which goes "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free."  Ryan Saavedra of The Daily Wire discovered the video and tweeted, "This is a call for the elimination of Israel."  Israel has 9 million people overall.  Next thing you know, someone from Congress will say something anti-Semitic and not even get a wrist slap (wait, Rep. Ilhan Omar anyone?).

We condemn ourselves when we fail to remember or research history (see here too).   

 “Socialism, democratic or otherwise, is what is/was found in the Soviet Union (where Sanders honeymooned), Cuba, East Germany, North Korea, and Nicaragua. Those regimes have been the most brutal, impoverishing, bleak, and inhumane in history. Obviously, Democratic Socialists in America don't want to be publicly associated with these tyrannies. Embracing them would hurt their cause,” wrote Kerry Jackson about socialism’s history.

How does this affect you and those you love here in America?

It comes back to the Electoral College and the Democratic desire to warp the Constitution by removing, reducing, or ratifying its well-thought-out distribution of checks-and-balances.

I wish AOC could have watched the video below years ago before she became so committed to her current causes.  It will be much, much harder for her to admit fault now after publicly doing and saying so much. 

In this short video you’ll rediscover or learn for the first time:

  • Why the Electoral College matters.
  • The three branches of the government AOC got wrong…twice!
  • Why we should continue the Electoral College.
  • What the founders wanted to avoid because of their study of their history…______ ______ do not work.
  • Why states have equal Senatorial numbers but different Representative numbers in Congress.
  • The two phases of each presidential election year.
  • Why it is important for each candidate to focus on all voters under the current system.
  • Why the election is NOT just about the so-called swing states.
  • Why swing state shifting makes it hard to steal an election.
  • The three things found at time mark 4:40 which our founders built with the Electoral College which protect all Americans.

Say what she will about President Ronald Reagan, he saw then what we see even more of now.  He said:

The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.

The Democrat’s siren song of socialism wrecks nations, wrecks lives, and is a wreck we should all pray, work, and vote to avoid. They are very close to tuning their message so massive numbers willingly get drunk on their cyanide-laced sweetness.  Between now and then they continue to work to warp and pervert the Electoral College.  Yet again, as always (1 Timothy 2:1-2; Romans 13:1; Acts 5:29), God help us.

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