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Sunday, 6/2 – Praying for the President – Franklin Graham Interview

Friday, May 31, 2019 @ 1:25 PM Sunday, 6/2 – Praying for the President – Franklin Graham Interview ATTENTION: Major social media outlets are finding ways to block the conservative/evangelical viewpoint. Click here for daily electronic delivery of The Stand's Daily Digest - the day's top blogs from AFA.

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Franklin Graham is asking for pastors in churches, people in Sunday school classes, small groups, and individual Christians to pray for President Donald Trump Sunday, June 2.  At the end of this article, you’ll find the full prayer from an AFA resource that you can use and/or pray as God leads your heart. 

“This prayer is urgent.  This isn’t just Oh if you have time, have a muttering of a prayer.  This prayer is not an endorsement of Donald Trump,” Graham told AFA President Tim Wildmon on American Family Radio’s program Today’s Issues on Thursday.  Graham is President and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and of Samaritan’s Purse, an international relief organization.

“We are living in a very dark period of world history,” said Graham.  “It’s just almost like every demon of hell has been let loose.  I just want to encourage people to pray – to pray for this country, to pray for this president.  I don’t see any way that the president can withstand all these attacks without God intervening and covering him and protecting him.”

Graham says we need to fall to our knees and turn back to God, and often, our leaders are turning away from God and seem to be trying to strip away any connection to our religious heritage and the Christian foundation for this country. 

The Lord put this on Graham’s heart
Earlier in the interview, Graham shared, “It’s just something the Lord has put on my heart [by asking people to pray on June 2].  No president has ever been attacked the way President Trump has been attacked – and the hatred that Democrats and Republicans have for this man … they’re trying to destroy him.”

Wildmon asked, “Why do you think these people hate him so much?”

“He does protect Christians … and religious liberty, and he’s pro-life.  They hate him for this.  They despise him for this,” Graham replied.  “We’re just one vote away from losing our nation.  It could take a hundred years to get it back.”

“When [President Trump] makes a good decision, then that affects all of us in a positive way.  If he makes a bad decision, it affects all of us,” said Graham.  “So, we need to pray [not only] that God would give him wisdom, but just cover him and protect him from those enemies that want to destroy him, want to destroy his presidency, and, I believe, ultimately want to destroy our country.”

Readers who are, perhaps, discouraged should pay special attention to Graham’s answer starting at 3:52 in the video below where he was asked about his hope.  As always it points to God through Jesus.

What YOU can do

  1. Pray for the president.  We’ve even included the full text from our prayer bookmark below the video if you aren't sure what to pray.  Also, the BGEA has this resource you can download.  A third resource of what to pray can be found in the next step too.
  2. Sign our petition saying you’ll pray for the president and to show your support.  It is found here, along with another prayer you might consider praying instead.  On mobile phones, it is at the bottom of that page.  On desktops and tablets, it is on the side of that page.
  3. Share this post and or link with others in your church and community. (Social media share buttons are found at the top of this blog  You should be able to click and share.)
  4. Watch the video below for the full interview.


Not sure what to pray?
Below is a prayer based on Psalms 20-21 you are welcome to use for yourself and those within your Christian community.  Also, these are available in a bookmark size in packets of ten for a small donation.  We have a limited supply left of approximately 130 packets for anyone who might be interested.  Just call 1-800-326-4543, option 2.  Here’s the prayer:

Lord God,

We bring President Trump before your throne in the name of Jesus. We pray that you will answer him when he calls to you in the day of trouble. May your name as the God of Jacob protect him. Please send him help from your sanctuary and give him support from your unseen temple in the heavens. We pray that you will save him and answer him from your holy heaven with the saving might of your right hand.

We pray that he will not trust in chariots or horses but instead learn to trust in your name as the Lord our God. Cause him to stand firm as he trusts in you. Grant him every desire and petition of his heart that is pleasing to you and cause every plan of his that is in accordance with your will to succeed. We ask you to grant our requests on his behalf, that we may shout for joy and lift up banners in your name when your will is done through him.                                         ·

We acknowledge that as you set the crown on King David’s head, so you have elevated President Trump to the highest office in our land. We pray that he will rejoice in your strength and not in his own. We pray that you will draw him near to you so that you may make him glad with the joy of your presence. As he trusts in you, we pray that because of your steadfast love, the love of the Most High, he will not be moved or shaken. Grant him life and length of days and eternal blessings. 

We know that the president has enemies who are seen and unseen, enemies who hate him and will devise mischief against him. We pray in Jesus’s name that every evil plan devised against him and against your purposes through him will be thwarted. May his enemies, seen and unseen, be put to flight, and may their plans not succeed.

Together we pray that you will save him so that together with him we may exalt you in your strength and sing and praise your might as the Most High God.


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