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Colson Center Creates New Resource Addressing Culture’s Questions

Tuesday, September 10, 2019 @ 01:41 PM Colson Center Creates New Resource Addressing Culture’s Questions ATTENTION: Major social media outlets are finding ways to block the conservative/evangelical viewpoint. Click here for daily electronic delivery of The Stand's Daily Digest - the day's top blogs from AFA.

Dr. Robert Youngblood Assistant Digital Media Editor MORE

Suppose you are having a conversation and someone says:

What would you say?  Some of these videos are already up and available to share with others on YouTube and their platform website.  There are four up now and about seventeen “in the can” where one will be released each Wednesday. 

So, what would you say to those questions? 

Instead of being tongue-tied or stumbling through an attempt to figure out appropriate answers for these and other questions, you now have a resource.  These tools will help Christians think and speak clearly on subjects where we “know” we’re right, but may sometimes have difficulty providing the logic or science supporting our view. is a website powered by the Colson Center for Christian Worldview.  It has started posting videos to YouTube and Facebook.  They have a decades’ long vision that is still in a learning mode. 

Helping them mold that vision to reach more people is as simple as hitting the “subscribe” button on the YouTube channel which will help deliver the videos to those searching for answers since YouTube is the second largest search platform in the world. 

“This is an effort to get into a space which Colson Center has not been in before.  Videos on YouTube or Facebook have massive amounts of viewers which is a big, deep ocean needing to be reached,” said Joseph Backholm, legal counsel and director of What Would You Say for Colson Center. 

The website shares that “In a world where ‘truth’ seems to change every five minutes, What Would You Say provides quick and easy to share answers for today’s hardest questions.”  These are short, sharp, and biblical answers to common questions heard more and more from a lost culture.

“The goals of the project is not just to be persuasive, but to equip people with words and tools to have conversations with kids, coworkers, and everyone they interact with using video content which helps people address questions about faith and culture,” said Backholm.  “This is a platform we envision hundreds of videos in various areas.

“The data suggests watching video is where people are more and more.  We hope our videos not only convince people the gospel is good and true, but draw in more through interesting, engaging, and we hope, entertaining videos about things which matter,” Backholm added. 

Their dream and goal “is to bring clarity, confidence, and courage to the global church by providing compelling repeatable answers to questions about faith and culture that show the gospel is both true and good.

“We want to grab attention and hopefully stimulate thought beyond three minutes.  We want to be engaged in that space.  Google may be the biggest search engine in the world, but YouTube is the second largest,” Backholm added. 

“We hope this is a resource for the entire church, and the people are saying they like the videos.  Plus the data shows they are watching the videos.  We just want more people who are watching, learning and sharing,” Backholm said.

Subscribe to their YouTube Channel here or subscribe at the platform website online at the bottom of the page – just in case the truth is too much for YouTube to handle.  Remember, subscribing will help reach more people within the church and those who are churchless just searching for answers.

“We know that within the church as we’re navigating the culture which is changing so rapidly … to provide a response … to explain [why something is not right] in a kind, gracious, yet really intelligent way,” says Backholm.

 “There’s a tremendously large amount of material that you could deliver appropriately to these questions,” said Backholm.  Providing a succinct, satisfying, and substantive answer within three to four minutes is no easy task.

“We hope to continue to bring people with expertise and understanding about issues so we can inform people and make these a really good product for viewers,” he said. 

For example, one of the most common questions people encounter as a pro-life advocate is, “When does life begin?”  See the video below for an example of the types of videos which will grow on the site:

Editor’s note:  The quotes above come from a phone interview, the platform website, and a podcast.

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