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The Latest Foe of Feminism

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Mason Beasler The Stand Writer MORE

The Political Correctness monster never stops. It is never satisfied. I suppose you could compare it to a flesh-eating disease, one that, no matter how much it consumes, will not be satiated. 

The monster’s latest victim might surprise you. 

The dairy industry. I’m not kidding. 

If you were previously unaware of the highly offensive and triggering nature of, say, grilled cheese sandwiches, you probably haven’t read anything by Mackenzie April. 

April is a college professor from New York and a self-proclaimed feminist, vegan, and animal rights activist. If there was a PC All-Star team, Mackenzie April would probably be a shoo-in for the captain’s spot. 

She recently wrote a paper entitled “Readying the Rape Rack: Feminism and the Exploitation of Non-Human Reproductive Systems.” 

That title is both startling and possibly confusing if you’ve never read the words “rape” and “non-human” in the same title before. 

The professor’s assertion soon becomes very clear: The “non-human” entities she is referring to are dairy cows, and the “exploitation” is the treatment of those dairy cows by means of acquiring milk (eventually becoming the cheese on your grilled cheese sandwich). I guess “The Rape of Dairy Cows” just didn’t have the same ring to it, albeit based in the same amount of reality. 

In this case, the PC snowball starts with “exploitation,” gains additional speed, mass and delusion before becoming “sexual assault,” and ultimately grows into the title premise: “Rape.” 

“The dairy industry,” writes April, “is a host for sex-based discrimination. It is a site where sexual assault and objectification based on biological makeup are highly prevalent...” 

“Dairy cows are forcibly impregnated, or raped, in order to constantly produce milk for humans to consume.” 

There you have it, the crescendo in this baseless argument. 

April has now expanded the term “rape” to include animal impregnation for the purpose of producing milk. She is comparing the horrible act that has happened to many people all over the world to the arranged impregnation of a cow in order to eventually produce milk. 

To April, both of these things are rape. They’re both in the same category. 

Does “rape culture” now include dairy farms? Is Borden perpetuating rape in America? Many legitimate questions - all of which will never be answered. 

I suppose it would be just plain silly and counterintuitive when dealing with the PC movement to reach for such things as fact or reason, but here goes: 

The terms “sexual assault” and “rape” are legally both constrained to people (as in humans), so the professor is definitionally wrong in her claim. 

However, there is a deeper impact and importance to April’s false assertion that the treatment of dairy cows is rape. 

April is using a very popular strategy among those on the left. They attempt to equate something they don’t like with something else that they know everyone agrees is evil. 

A corroborative example of this is the left’s labeling of the detention centers on the U.S. borders as “concentration camps.” The detention centers are, of course, in no way close to being concentration camps. But the left knows that if they can equate the two, people might be bent against the detention centers because, after all, concentration camps were horrible places. 

The problem with this strategy, besides the obvious falsehood of detention centers not being concentration camps and impregnating a cow not being rape, is that when the definition of something horrible is stretched to include something else not as horrible (or horrible at all), the perceived wickedness of the former is diluted. 

In other words, it is an absolute insult to everyone who experienced a real concentration camp to label our detention centers as such. Likewise, it is an egregious insinuation to anyone who has experienced rape to equate their experience with the treatment of dairy cows. 

This is telling all the victims of real rape that what happened to them is equally atrocious as what is happening to animals in the dairy business. 

How does this not infuriate the feminist camp? Is it because Mackenzie April is, in fact, a part of the feminist camp, and therefore what she says is accepted, even if it’s completely false? 

I suppose these are just more questions that will go unanswered.

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