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Father May Be Forced to Accept the Gender Transition of His 7-Year Old Son

Friday, October 25, 2019 @ 01:58 PM Father May Be Forced to Accept the Gender Transition of His 7-Year Old Son ATTENTION: Major social media outlets are finding ways to block the conservative/evangelical viewpoint. Click here for daily electronic delivery of The Stand's Daily Digest - the day's top blogs from AFA.

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A travesty of immense proportions is being played out before the eyes of the nation in the supposedly conservative state of Texas. There, seven-year-old James Younger is being forced by his mother to “transition” into a girl named Luna. 

The boy is perfectly happy with his male identity when he is in his father’s home. He dresses as a boy, acts like a boy, plays like a boy, and engages eagerly in athletics. He doesn’t show any preference for girls’ toys and refuses to wear girls clothes or engage in typical girls play. He always dresses in boys' clothes when his dad comes to pick him up. In other words, when he is with his father, there is no trace of “gender dysphoria.” 

The only time he displays any kind of female gender expression is when he is with Ms. Georgulas. She began outfitting him with dresses, putting bows in his hair, and painting his fingernails before he was three and continually told him he was a girl. He goes to school wearing dresses and is forced to use the girls' bathroom whether he or they like it or not. The school and its authority figures - teachers, administrators, school resource officers, and librarians - are cravenly cooperating with this abominable charade, shamelessly lying to this vulnerable child about his sexual identity instead of protecting him from this harm. 

Ms. Georgulas held a coming-out birthday party for James when he turned five. He came to his party decked out from head to toe as a girl. The boy was obviously distressed to be wearing a dress to his own birthday party, at one point huddling by himself and weeping in a corner. Any number of people from her church were there and observed, but meekly and supinely went along with this farce. They have neither questioned the mother about what she is doing to her son nor offered any emotional support to Mr. Younger. The spineless cowards that lead this church have done nothing to protect this child from this grotesque abuse. 

This a form of cruelty to a father who is being systematically alienated from a son he loves, against both of their wishes. James’ younger brother Jude is being victimized by being forced to lie about his brother’s sexual identity, even though this forced lying is distressing to him. He knows his brother is a boy but is not allowed to affirm that. The psychological manipulation in all of this rises clearly to the level of child abuse. 

The father, Jeff Younger, an Orthodox Christian, has been fighting this since the boy was two but to no avail - the entire social service and judicial systems are arranged against him. 

The hopelessly biased judge annulled the marriage of Mr. Younger and his now ex-wife, pediatrician Anne Georgulas, after five years, on the grounds of marital fraud for misrepresenting himself in the courtship phase of their relationship.  

But the sole purpose of the judge’s annulment was to invalidate the pre-nuptial agreement (no marriage, no pre-nup) because it exposed the lies Ms. Georgulas had been telling in court about Mr. Younger and his work and financial history. The annulment, of course, instantly made the boys illegitimate children in the eyes of the law.

(Ms. Georgulas is not the biological mother of these twin boys. They were conceived through in-vitro fertilization via an egg donor.) 

This corrupt judge, one Kim Cooks, forbade Mr. Younger in the annulment decree from consenting to any form of medical care for James, which has meant he cannot even seek out a second opinion from a professional counselor regarding his son’s gender confusion. Meanwhile, Ms. Georgulas was able to work the system of counselors and medical providers she is a part of to get just the professional diagnosis she wants. 

Judge Cooks - likely in response to the enormous national attention her gross judicial misconduct has received - ruled this week that the father gets to “have a say” in medical decisions that affect James. That, of course, means that as soon as they disagree they will wind up right back in this woman’s court, where she will then proceed to rule for the mother and the sexually deviant designs she has for her son. 

The judge slapped a gag order on both parents, primarily to keep the father from talking publicly about this gross trampling of his parental rights and this horrid miscarriage of justice. The gag order may mean that the Save James website will be shut down, the website where folks can hear the father’s story, read court documents, and see videos (the website was still working as I was writing this column). 

During the trial, the judge denied courtroom access to any media members who did not have a hard card press pass, making an exception only for a reporter she likes. 

Texas Governor Greg Abbott announced the Attorney General’s office will investigate, along with the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. Don’t hold your breath - FPS earlier this year kidnapped an autistic four-year-old boy, Drake Pardo, from his loving parents because they wanted a different medical procedure for their son rather than the one the government determined he should get. Drake, to my knowledge, is still not back with his family. 

God has the solution to all this if only our cultural leaders would begin listening to him again. He declared unambiguously that he created mankind “male and female,” meaning there are just two genders, which are fixed at birth. And he designed marriage with the husband and father as its head, the ultimate decision-maker, after much discussion and prayer with his wife, when tough choices have to be made. 

This isn’t complicated. According to God himself, James is a boy, and his father gets to decide. Our family law used to embody these truths and it needs to again. 

Judge Rules Dad Will Have Say In Gender Transition Of 7-Year-Old 

Judge Rules Father Has A Say In James Younger’s Gender Transition 


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