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Leading Is Following the Science

Wednesday, March 10, 2021 @ 12:32 PM Leading Is Following the Science ATTENTION: Major social media outlets are finding ways to block the conservative/evangelical viewpoint. Click here for daily electronic delivery of The Stand's Daily Digest - the day's top blogs from AFA.

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Mississippi Now Leading When It Comes to Following Science

Flashback to 2014 when the Obama administration sent guidance to all school districts in America encouraging them to implement policies that embrace gender confusion. This letter intimidated many districts to initiate dangerous policies despite the fact that the Obama administration had no legal authority to force such policies on school districts.

For years, Democratic politicians and liberal special interest groups have promoted confusion when it comes to human sexuality. They say that there is nothing unique about being a male or a female. They claim that someone who is born a male can somehow identify in his mind as female. This behavior once was considered gender dysphoria by medical professionals but is now being hailed as normal behavior.

During the 2020 presidential election, some political commentators described Joe Biden’s policy positions as moderate. What many have known and others have now learned is that President Biden is no moderate. As a matter of fact, I would argue that Biden is more dangerous than Obama when it comes to policy.

Fast forward to 2021, Biden has issued an executive order that will allow men and women, boys and girls, who identify as the opposite sex to use the restroom or locker room of their choice on federal property, including public high schools and universities that receive federal funding.

While Democrats claim to support such insanity in the name of inclusivity, the result of these policies is harm done to young people across the country. Instead of pointing young boys and girls in the right direction when it relates to human sexuality, the Biden administration is causing more confusion.

Gender dysphoria is real. People do struggle with their sexual identity, but the last thing America needs is more confusion. We need clear thinking. We need sanity.

Science is clear. There are only two sexes – male and female. You can’t change your biological sex; it is determined at conception. God created each of us male or female, and there are unique differences between the two.

Just last week, the Mississippi Legislature passed the Mississippi Fairness Act that is aimed at protecting our children and teenagers from the dangerous policies of the Biden administration. This legislation states that biological males cannot compete or share facilities with biological females.

Twenty years ago, would you have even thought that we would need legislation to declare the obvious? Boys compete in male sports, and girls compete in female sports. While I would prefer this legislation not be needed, it is. Mississippi is following science. We are leading the nation in protecting our most vulnerable from the anti-science policies of Democrats.

America needs more sanity, more reality, and more states that are willing to defend the obvious.

American Family Association created an excellent resource aimed at helping individuals who struggle with this issue. If you know someone who is struggling with his or her sexual identity, please encourage that person to visit and watch the documentary on this topic.

God created each of us in His image, and we need to embrace this truth.

 (Editor's Note: This article was first published by the Daily Journal and was posted online HERE)

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