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Policies Matter Most

Wednesday, February 21, 2024 @ 12:47 PM Policies Matter Most Gary Bauer Campaign for Working Families MORE

Special Counsel Robert Hur’s report finding that President Joe Biden “willfully retained and disclosed classified materials” triggered a lot of emotions.

First, Hur declined to prosecute Biden on the grounds that a jury would likely view the president as a “well-meaning elderly man with a poor memory.” That decision reinforced the belief of many Americans that there are two standards of justice – one for conservatives and one for the Left.

But it also focused the nation’s attention on the president’s deteriorating mental acuity. Yet, despite being let off the hook, the report really triggered Joe Biden!

Within hours of the report’s release, Biden addressed the nation to attack the special counsel and insist that his memory was fine. During his tirade, however, Biden made a number of false statements and appeared to suggest that Mexico was in the Middle East.

While Biden reminds us almost daily that his age and health are serious concerns, voters really need to be focused on his policies because it’s policies – not gaffes or “mean tweets” – that matter most.

Even if Biden steps down for whatever reason, anyone nominated to replace him by today’s Democrat Party is going to follow the same neo-Marxist policies. For example:

On abortion, Joe Biden is advocating for the most extreme pro-abortion legislation, and he turned the Pentagon into a taxpayer-funded abortion travel agency.

On the border, Biden’s record is crystal clear. We’ve had three years in a row of record-breaking illegal immigration because of Biden’s open-border policies. In fact, we’ve had so much illegal immigration that many Democrats are starting to panic over the potential political fallout.

On climate change or energy policy, Joe Biden is waging war against one of America’s greatest economic and national security assets – our tremendous domestic energy industry. America is blessed with vast natural resources. But Biden wants to shut it all down in favor of radical policies that empower enemies like Iran and communist China.

Biden and his extreme “green” allies have enabled massive government regulation of everything - from what we can drive to how we cook and heat our homes.

On foreign policy and national security, just look at the world today. Our enemies are on the march everywhere. There are major wars in Europe and the Middle East. Four years ago, Israel was signing historic peace deals with its Arab neighbors. Now, Israel is under siege on all sides by radical Islamists, while Iranian proxies have attacked U.S. forces so many times that it’s hard to keep track. Pro-Israel Christians will have a very clear choice this November.

Just think about this: Vladimir Putin did not move against Ukraine while Donald Trump was president. But Putin did not hesitate to attack Ukraine in 2014 during the Obama/Biden administration and again in 2022 after watching Joe Biden’s disastrous retreat from Afghanistan. What is it about Joe Biden that seemingly entices our enemies to strike?

On the economy, you can sum up Biden’s disastrous policies in one word: Bidenflation. Joe Biden and his big spending socialist allies massively inflated federal spending and devalued the dollar in the process. Prices are up, wages are down, and family budgets are busted. Even McDonald’s is becoming too expensive for many Americans.

All that is bad enough, but it pales in comparison to the damage Biden is doing to our fundamental values.

While he campaigns on “saving democracy,” Biden has weaponized the law and our national intelligence agencies against the American people.

He is aggressively prosecuting pro-life activists for praying and singing hymns in hallways, while hundreds of attacks on churches and pro-life organizations are virtually ignored.

Biden’s FBI targeted concerned parents at school board meetings and conservative churches.

Biden used the power of big government to pressure social media companies to censor free speech. And while he calls parents trying to protect their children from graphic sexual material in our schools “book banners,” Biden’s White House ordered Amazon to censor books.

Finally, there is the Left’s embrace of transgender insanity. Joe Biden and the radical Left insist that men can get pregnant. They demand that you lie by calling a man a woman and that your daughter must accept being cheated out of a college scholarship by a boy pretending to be a girl.

They insist that children who cannot vote, who cannot get tattoos, and who cannot drive are mature enough to understand unproven, life-altering medical experiments like puberty-blocking drugs and radical surgeries. If Christian parents don’t agree with this insanity, they are being banned from serving as foster parents and adoptive parents.

That is not “saving democracy.” It’s an all-out assault on normalcy and our First Amendment freedoms of free speech and religious liberty. It’s big government totalitarianism that is determined to smash any and all dissent.

Yes, there is a threat to our democracy. And it’s coming from the extreme policies of the neo-Marxist left.



Gary L. Bauer, former chief domestic policy adviser to President Reagan and a Trump-appointee to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, serves as president of American Values, chairman of Campaign for Working Families PAC, and senior vice president of public policy for the Dr. James Dobson Family Institute.         

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