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Thursday, May 02, 2024 @ 10:02 AM Issues & Threats Gary Bauer Campaign for Working Families MORE

A recent Wall Street Journal poll stunned political pundits and confounded the commentators. The poll found Donald Trump leading Joe Biden in six of the seven swing states that are most likely going to decide the winner of the November presidential election.  A deeper dive into the poll explains why Trump was leading.

When pollsters asked voters which candidate they thought was best able to handle major issues, Trump led Biden by wide margins on six out of eight issues. Consider these results:

  1. Economy: Trump 54% vs. Biden 34% (+20)
  2. Inflation and Rising Costs: Trump 53% vs. Biden 33% (+20)
  3. Border Security: Trump 52% vs. Biden 32% (+20)
  4. Mental/Physical Fitness to be President:Trump 48% vs. Biden 28% (+20)
  5. Israel/Hamas War: Trump 45% vs. Biden 31% (+14)
  6. Ukraine/Russia War: Trump 46% vs. Biden 37% (+9)
  7. Protecting Democracy: Biden 43% vs. Trump 42% (-1)
  8. Abortion: Biden 45% vs. Trump 33% (-12)

Some left-wing pundits were shocked that Biden didn’t have a bigger advantage on “protecting democracy” given how much he and his media allies are making it a central theme of the campaign.

I’m not shocked at all. 

The American people are deeply concerned about the direction our country is headed, and it’s not just some general malaise about the economy. There are specific concerns about fundamental values.

For example, in spite of polls showing widespread opposition to illegal immigration and overwhelming support for secure borders, the Biden administration has allowed record-breaking illegal immigration for three years in a row. And there is no reason to assume this won’t be a fourth year of record-breaking border crossings.

Illegal immigration is unpopular for a variety of reasons, but a major reason is that it represents obvious threats to our national security and to the safety of our communities and families.

There is no way the federal government can thoroughly vet the millions of people illegally crossing our borders every year. We don’t know anything about the record-breaking number of Chinese nationals Joe Biden is allowing to cross the southern border.  We do know that Biden is allowing a record-breaking number of suspected terrorists to enter our country illegally. 

Biden’s open borders are also allowing in massive numbers of criminal aliens, thugs, and violent gangs who are preying on innocent Americans.

In the last year of the Trump administration, the Border Patrol arrested just over 2,400 criminal illegal aliens. In the first year of Biden’s open borders, the Border Patrol arrested more than 10,700 criminal aliens. In 2022, they arrested just over 12,000 criminal aliens. Last year, the Border Patrol arrested more than 15,200 criminal aliens.

In the past three years, those criminal aliens committed 151 murders, 1,137 sexual offenses, and 3,574 assaults. None of those crimes should have happened!

Those aren’t just simple numbers or cold statistics. Those are innocent Americans whose lives were stolen from their family and friends or forever changed in some horrible way because of the Left’s insane open borders policies.

Joe Biden has the blood of Laken Riley and 150 more innocent victims on his hands. 

Yet in spite of overwhelming public opposition to illegal immigration and open borders, Democrats in the House and the Senate won’t even agree to deport criminal aliens. Why not?

Sadly, 57% of Americans have concluded that it is nothing more than raw partisan politics, all part of the Left’s plan to create a permanent Democrat majority by importing voters. They are also importing anti-Semitic, anti-American hate.

This insidious plot to fundamentally transform America by changing the population of the country is a big reason why so many Americans don’t trust Joe Biden to protect and defend democracy.  He won’t even protect our borders and our own citizens!

Here’s another reason Americans don’t trust Joe Biden to defend democracy: 72% of Americans are worried that our country is becoming a police state. What could possibly give them that idea?

Maybe it’s because the Biden/Harris regime is still hunting down people who did virtually nothing on January 6th.

Maybe it’s because the Deep State lied to us about the Russia collusion hoax, tried to frame a presidential candidate and undermine his administration, and then censored the truth to help his political opponent.

Maybe it’s because our Orwellian government keeps labeling the truth as “disinformation,” while at the same time demanding we all accept the lie that men can get “pregnant.”

It might have something to do with the government’s spying on concerned parents and who knows how many other innocent Americans.

Or it could be the fact that government at every level is trying to jail a leading presidential candidate, while the CIA, Justice Department and IRS give the president’s son preferential treatment.

Finally, polling finds that 56% of Americans now believe the federal government is a threat to religious liberty. Why would anyone think that?

Maybe it’s because the so-called “Justice Department” is raiding the homes of peaceful, pro-life activists and maliciously prosecuting them.

Maybe it’s because the White House is far more interested in “Transgender Day of Visibility” than Easter.

Or they might be worried because the Biden/Harris regime seems to think conservative churches and Christian patriots are a threat to the country.

Everywhere we look, Americans see how the Left is failing to address serious issues while ignoring and even creating threats to our security and safety.

Will we change course this November? It may be our last chance.



Gary L. Bauer, former chief domestic policy adviser to President Reagan and a Trump-appointee to the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, serves as president of American Values, chairman of Campaign for Working Families PAC, and senior vice president of public policy for the Dr. James Dobson Family Institute.         

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