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Wake Up, Church!

Monday, June 17, 2024 @ 12:57 PM Wake Up, Church! Joy Lucius The Stand Writer MORE

“I am convinced that the American church has arrived at an impossibly, almost unbearably significant moment of truth.”

With these compelling words, radio host Eric Metaxas opens Letter to the American Church, a new film adaptation of his book with the same title. In this documentary, Metaxas and other conservative voices expose America’s growing threat of cultural Marxism.

With concise precision, the film defines Marxism and traces its all-encompassing roots from Nazi Germany to Russia and China, and then viewers discover that modern, woke ideologies are only twisted versions of classic Marxism – the same poison in a different package.

Examining the past

The film also parallels eerie similarities between today’s American church and German churches during the 1930s, when churches remained virtually silent as Nazism took root and grew.

“The Germans didn’t see it coming,” Metaxas told The Stand. “They were just like we are. In 1933, they never dreamt where it was going. Therefore, the church was silent, silent, silent.

“I saw the parallels so dramatically in recent years in the American church. We’ve drifted away from the truth. We’re not aware of it, and we have to wake up … because the hour is very, very late.”

Through this film, Metaxas – along with Charlie Kirk, Rob McCoy, Dr. James Lindsay, Victor and Eileen Marx, and John K. Amanchukwu Sr. uncovers the systematic, threefold mission of cultural Marxism in America: Destroy the church, the family, and the economy.

This contemporary Marxist mission has simply assumed new cultural causes to camouflage its agenda within every aspect of American society. Accordingly, speakers in the film elucidate hot-button topics within this modern agenda. These culturally divisive tools specifically exploit gender and race through frameworks such as critical race theory (CRT) and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

Issuing a call

Compared to Germany’s timeline of totalitarianism, Metaxas believes the current Marxist mission of American destruction is near completion – unless the church takes an urgent stand.

“I am very, very blunt about this,” Metaxas stated. “We have literally around a year. …We are at the edge of the precipice. We are going over the precipice. If we don’t wake up now, it’s over.”

American churches are waking up to this imminent demise – but not quickly enough. Therefore, screenings of the film are offered free to churches.

“Let me be clear,” warned Metaxas. “We’re in a war, and if enough churches don’t wake up, … at some point, the evil wins, and you’re done.”

America is not done yet. But to preserve this nation’s godly heritage for the next generation, Metaxas says the church must be salt and light.  

“Anybody who calls himself a Christian,” he explained, “this is for them. This is for those who say, ‘I’m a Christian.’ I say, ‘OK! You are the church, and God wanted me to write this for you.’

“The church is always called to come out of the church building and into every single sphere in the culture, to bring God’s values into politics, into culture, into education, into medicine, and into the courts. Everywhere. That is our job.”

To do its crucial job, the church must immediately answer the call to action resounding throughout Letter to the American Church.  

(Digital Editor's Note: This article was published first in the June 2024 print edition of The Stand. Click HERE to get a free six-month subscription.)

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