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The Most Powerful Weapon Against Suicide

Friday, August 29, 2014 @ 08:59 AM The Most Powerful Weapon Against Suicide ATTENTION: Major social media outlets are finding ways to block the conservative/evangelical viewpoint. Click here for daily electronic delivery of The Stand's Daily Digest - the day's top blogs from AFA.

Joseph Parker Dir. Outreach & Intercession/ Radio Host MORE

Suicide is an extreme tragedy from many different angles.  It is a tragedy that leaves in its wake so many hurts, so many questions, so many regrets on the part of others – family, loved ones, and otherwise.  Many of these persons may feel that somehow they might have stopped the tragedy.  Many will typically feel guilt and regret that they hadn’t been more in touch with the victim.  

Well, there is an important and powerful  weapon and defense against the monster that we refer to as suicide.  This weapon helps to both prepare and fortify you for its coming, as well as equip you to effectively overcome it when it attacks you.  And it is a weapon indeed.  It is the Sword of the Spirit  - namely the Word of God.  God’s Word says in Psalm 119:130 “The entrance of Your words gives light.”  In that same Psalm, verse 105 tells us “Your Word is a Lamp to my feet and  a Light to my path.”  So what can a person do to fight and do battle against the enemy of suicide?  Just turn on the Light.  Open the Word of God and just start reading (also, read Psalm 19:7–11, and II Timothy 3). 

This truth may seem simple - and It is - but, simply reading the Word of God daily is a tremendous weapon to help you both to battle and overcome the enemy of suicide.  It is a weapon that, when used consistently and wisely, can render the enemy of suicide powerless.  Well, why is this true?  Allow me to share why the Word of God is so effective against this monster. 

When the tragedy of suicide happens, there are many negative forces at work, and no two situations are exactly the same.  Yet, two factors are always at work in every single instance of suicide: 1) Too much darkness has accumulated in the victim’s life, and  2) this person has been deceived by the enemy, the devil.  These two factors work together to bring a person to a place of despair.  The forces of darkness use discouragement, despair, hopelessness, confusion, and negative thoughts and negative thinking to weave their deception.  Part of that deception is that suicide is a way out.    Another part of the deception is that suicide will bring relief.  Both are tragic conclusions to come to. 

The Word of God is PURE LIGHT.  The Word of God is also peace, joy, and grace.  When the Light of God’s Word is poured into the heart and mind of any person, the Word does many things.  The Light of God’s word chases the darkness away.  It dispels the the darkness, and the darkness has no choice but to flee. Enough of the Light of God in any situation can always overcome darkness.  Enough light can always chase darkness away.  In fact darkness  IS the absence of light. 

The Word also points us to God.  Also, it points us to the will and the purposes of God.  The Word teaches about  the mind of God, and His way of doing things.  The Word of God points us to the salvation provided only through Jesus Christ, God’s Son.  Finally, the Word of God teaches us of the wholeness and soundness of life that we can experience only in God (John 10:10). 

So, simply reading and meditating on God’s Word daily is one of the greatest and most effective weapons in all of the world and in all of life to combat the force of suicide.  Are thoughts  of suicide attacking you? Are you battling forms of depression, discouragement, feelings of hopelessness? Are confusion, negative thoughts, and negative thinking  overwhelming  you and your mind?  Open God’s Word and start reading. Read and listen to the voice of the God of the universe.  His words found in the pages of the Bible will pour peace, light, encouragement, joy and grace into your heart and your mind as you read them.   

So take the big, yet simple step.  Start reading the Word of God today.  A good starting place is in the New Testament, in the Gospel of Matthew.  I would encourage you to set a daily goal of reading at least three chapters in the Bible everyday.  If you decide that that is not enough and you want to do more – great.  Reading the Word of God daily is one habit you cannot overdo.  Get into God’s Word.  And let God’s Word get into you. 

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